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Studio Update

Discussion in 'Pro Audio Equipment' started by godiecofran, Mar 30, 2014.

  1. godiecofran

    godiecofran Active Member

    Hi, greetings from Colombia, it's being a long time since my last thread. Know i want to share the new equipment i bought for work.

    First of all, just before this change my equipment was:
    imac G5 isigth built-in
    Mbox 2 with pro tools 7.4.2 (time lapse wow!)

    My first question to make the update was the main kind of work i made, just after my audio degree i start to work with classical music and classical contemporary music a lot, so i though, that i need some high quality equipment.

    After a long research my brand new equipment is:

    keep the mac based platform: iMac intel core i5 2,5 Ghz con 4GB RAM, i use this computer for mixing and posproduction process. Also i bought a macbook pro intel core i7, 2,9 Ghz with 8GB RAM for location recording.

    I find very interesting the Avid Pro Tools Artist mis bundle so now i got:
    Pro tools 10 HD
    Mbox Pro (3rd gen)
    Artist Mix control surface.

    I think that the most important element of an audio engineer is the speakersl its the instrument, lake the guitar for a guitarist so i always wait to get som pristine and high quality speakers to work. after too long i get the Bowers and Wolkins, audiophile speakers 686 powered by a french hand made 100 watts amplifier, Atoll AM100. i still learning to hear very well the detail of this speakers, but they are so good.

    All this accompanied by a 2TB Lacie Quadra Hard Disk for backup and storage.

    after that i'm still waiting to get the gear for recording, mice and press, i open for suggestions, for now let me know what do you think about my gear.


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