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summit audio ecs-410

Discussion in 'Pro Audio Equipment' started by stryder8, Mar 8, 2009.

  1. stryder8

    stryder8 Guest

    hi,does anyone have any experience with this unit. thanks
  2. AudioGaff

    AudioGaff Well-Known Member

    My experience with Summit gear is that this new product doesn't appear to be worth the asking price.
  3. stryder8

    stryder8 Guest

    have you used any of the summit audio products,or the ecs 410 in particular to have reached this assumption.
  4. Imaginaryday

    Imaginaryday Active Member

    i smell some kind of canned food product.
  5. Cucco

    Cucco Distinguished Member

    Possibly not.
    Summit is not in the habit of spamming.

    I have differing experiences from Gaff and find much of the Summit gear to be well worth the cost of admission. However, the price on this is pretty steep. We'll see.

    No, I haven't tried it. But I doubt many have - it's very new and very expensive. I can't think of a worse time to introduce a new kilobuck device.

  6. moonbaby

    moonbaby Mmmmmm Well-Known Member

    I have my eyes on an Origin from Millennia Media in that price range.
    Still do..
  7. Cucco

    Cucco Distinguished Member

    Yup - can't go wrong with the Origin!
  8. AudioGaff

    AudioGaff Well-Known Member

    Yep, owned more Summit than most people will ever use in a lifetime. I am not saying it is bad. I just have found that for the same amount money I 100% would always choose something else. If I got it cheap enough I may one day be interested again.

    MPC100A, TLA100, Dual mic pre, DCL compressor, progam eq. Sold it all, made a profit bought other stuff and have never missed or desired it again.

    I got to play with the ESC410 for an hour one day. It's cool and all, still not even close to being worth the asking price to me.
  9. 722bmc

    722bmc Guest

    FWIW, I spent a couple days on loan with the ECS-410 and absolutely loved it…did not want to give it back. I found there too be many sonic options and routing configurations; the mic pre has both a solid and tube out…compressor has soft/hard knee option & tube drive on the output stage just to name a couple features to change up the sound. This is first high end channel strip I could not live without...patiently waiting for my back ordered unit.

    Also have 6 TLA-100’s and 2 DCL200's and could not live without them. My only complaint is that while the MPC-100 can sound really huge at times and oddly has one of the fastest tube compressors I have heard, the gain staging is really funky and I never found a consistent use so I sold mine.

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