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Surround VU Meter System

Discussion in 'Metering VU' started by audiokid, Oct 25, 2011.

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    Surround VU Meter SystemB

    Providing precise measurement of audio levels in a surround environment, the SMP5.1 allows easy alignement of the surround system as well as monitoring levels at a glance. Now with a peak indicator aligned for zero dBFS to alert the end of the digital scale. Coleman Audio has assembled the finest movements and combined all the necessary features in it's line of analog metering systems to satisfy the most discerning engineers.

    h=3Coleman Audio SMP5.1's featuresh
    *Thru jacks on XLR's
    *Balanced bridging inputs on combo jacks
    *Peak indicator aligned to 0dBFS
    *Two switchable operating levels
    *Trim controls accessible on the front panel
    *Meters meet ANSI specifications
    *Two U space enclosure 10" deep
    *Internal Power Suppy

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