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Switching between Pro Tools+Reason Adapted on 002 Midi Port

Discussion in 'Reason' started by rocker73, Jan 31, 2006.

  1. rocker73

    rocker73 Active Member

    I have Just started to mess with Reason Adapted which I got included with my software when I bought my Digi Design 002 Rack however when I launch Reason adapted when I have Pro Tools running it informs me that another program is using the Midi port after I have previously told it (when running it without Pro Tools Running) to use the Digi 002 Port 1 to play into Reasons Sequencer and Digi Port 1 for Midi Clock input.

    If I launch reason on its own after having it run as a plugin on an Aux channel in Pro Tools it informs me that the Sound setup has changed since I last used Reason and I have to go into the Audio Settings (Edit>Preferences>Audio) to tell it to use the ASIO Digidesign driver.

    My question is this: Surely I shouldnt have to do this everytime I want to use Reason while Pro Tools is running. There must be a better way to get round this than having to shut Pro Tools down when I want to play into the Reason Sequencer Via my Triton which is plugged directly into the Digi 002 Midi in port. IF I am running Reason and Launch Pro Tools I get a warning telling me that some other application is using the DigiDesign Hardware!

    So if I want to run both applications at the same time and be able to play my synth parts into both Pro Tools and Reason Adapted will I have to either purchase a second Midi interface (such as a CME - FireWire Audio Option Board that will plug into my Pc via USB/Firewire) that Reason could use and go Triton Midi out to 2nd Midi interface In and then Second Midi interface out/Thru to Digi 002 Rack Midi in? Or buy a second Midi interface (CME - FireWire Audio Option Board)to plug into my Pc and a USB/MIDI Controller Keyboarsuch as an EMU - XBoard-49 and use that to play my synth stuff into Reason?

    Also is there anyway I could get my Alesis SR16 to trigger the drum Sounds in the Redrum Module?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  2. DJ FADE

    DJ FADE Guest

    i had the same question regarding the midi port on the digi 002 and midi in reason via rewire. i like sequencing midi in reason, rewired to pro tools. i'm more familiar with it and find it easier to edit. is there a way to use the digi002 midi port to record midi data in both pro tools and reason when rewired together?
  3. rocker73

    rocker73 Active Member

    Recording Midi into Pro Tools/Reason

    At the moment I cant answer your question but I will investigate this and see if I can come up with anything.

    I have worked my way round the problem of reason not wanting to use the Midi ports of Pro Tools when it is launched as a plugin in Pro Tools, Basically in the properties section of reason all the Midi options should be set to No input as default. Reason still wont use the Midi portson the 002 Rack when Pro Tools is using them no matter what you do, the only way to play the NN19 module or Redrum or any other module in reason via my Triton is to record Midi from the tritons sequencer into a Midi Track in Pro tools and then on the Midi Track output point it to the Reason module you want the Midi track to play. Or shut Pro Tools and Reason down, launch reason again and then configure the Midi/Sound options to use the ASIO Digidesign driver and Midi ports.

    I am currently thinking about buying the New Novation 25SL Midi Controller keyboard as this would just plug into my Pc via USB and automap Reason Module controls to its hardware controls and then I can play the reason modules on that instead of having to shut Pro Tools down, Re-launch Reason and then reconfigure the Midi/Sound options.

    Tanks for your response, I will carry on tinkering for now!

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