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Synchronization Problems

Discussion in 'Recording' started by Todzilla, Apr 30, 2004.

  1. Todzilla

    Todzilla Active Member

    Here's what I'm trying to syncronize:

    1) MOTU Performer-> JL Cooper Datamaster ->ADAT


    2) ADAT-> Datamaster -> MOTU Perf

    I don't have manuals, so I am kind of guessing how to do this. I've formatted the ADAT tape, which I assume puts time code on the tape. Then I cabled the 9 pins bi-directionally from ADAT to Datamaster. I set up MIDI cabling bidirectionally from the Datamaster to my Mac's MIDI interface (MOTU microexpress).

    For option 1, I configured Performer to transmit sync. I set up the Datamaster so it thinks the ADAT is a slave. I assume that the ADAT would wait for MTC to be generated by Performer before starting. No dice. She just cranked right up regardless of Perf's state.

    For option 2, I configured Performer to receive MTC sync. I set up the Datamaster so it thinks the ADAT is the master. As the ADAT rolls along, Perf is waiting and waiting for sync clock. No dice.

    I've had much success with R2R SMPTE syncing with MOTU Performer, with typical dropouts and such, and I figured MTC would be the way to go in this case. I haven't gone the SMPTE route yet, but I figured that just introduced a new level of imprecision into the process.

    A possible clue is that the Datamaster has a screen which says something like "Looking for ADATS" and never lists a number for my ADAT. This suggests that the Datamaster never sees the ADAT in the first place, which would explain all my troubles.

    Does anyone have ideas, a PDF manual or hints on how I might resolve this issue of vintage mid 90s technologies?

    Thanks in Advance,

  2. Kurt Foster

    Kurt Foster Distinguished Member

    If you are using the ADAT as the master the 9 pin should be connected to the sync out plug. If the ADAT is to chase the sequencer then the 9 pin should be plugged into the input plug. It sounds as if this is the issue..

    Kurt Foster
  3. Stabb

    Stabb Active Member

    According to the Performer manual, the best way is to have Performer lock to incoming MTC.
    And setup Performer to be Midi Machine Control Master (where Performer sends transport and locate commands)

    I have been syncing Performer w/ digital recorders successfully with this setup for many years now.

    I don't know anything about the Datamaster, but it sounds to me like you do not have Performer set to receive sync from the appropriate computer port (USB? Serial?).

    If you haven't fixed it already, look in Performer's 'Receive Sync' menu window.
    You may also have to tweak your 'FreeMidi' setup.

    Hope this is of help...
  4. Todzilla

    Todzilla Active Member

    Thanks dudes,

    Kurt, I think it's correctly cabled from DataMaster to ADAT. Sync out on the DM goes to sync in on ADAT and vice versa. Still, I am troubled that the DM seems to not see the ADAT.

    Stabb, I will review the MOTU docs (I am one of those rare users who actually purchased the software with accompanying manuals!), but I'm using the same setup I've used to sync from a MIDIMan sync box for a while.

    I guess I should try to beg some attention from the JL Cooper engineers...
  5. Kurt Foster

    Kurt Foster Distinguished Member

    The Datamaster may not "see" the ADAT because ADATs don't "talk back" to the master unit. This is one of the problems Alesis had with the ADAT system. The machines didn't send any info back to the BRC, so the BRC never knew if it's commands had been correctly exicuted. The system assumes all commands are bieng followed.
  6. Todzilla

    Todzilla Active Member

    Chalk One Up for the Dumbass Awards!

    Chalk One Up for the Dumbass Awards!

    I figured it all out...

    My cables were switched. In fairness, in the cramped space behind the sync box, all I could read on the back panel was "sync out" and "sync in." Above these labels were the all important "To ADAT" which made the full description "To ADAT sync out."

    Usually I do the ol' out to in from unit to unit. JL Cooper tried to prevent that, but didn't count on my 74" frame having to stoop and read in a cramped setting.

    For the record, the Cooper box works great now, although it's adding an hour to the time code and I can't seem to figure out how to squelch it. So, I just have MOTU start an hour into the clock.

    On top of all this, the two channels on my Yammy digital board that were totally crapped out just started working like a champ again.

    ...ever have one of those nights where everything worked?

    Thanks for the input folks.
  7. studio101nola

    studio101nola Active Member

    Is a datamaster and BRC the same thing?
    I have a HD24 and a brc im trying to sync but i must have a clock error. About every 10 seconds or so i get a loud POP on ALL channels. should the hd 24 be the master or the BRC?

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