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syncing midi drums with ableton

Discussion in 'Ableton' started by poni618, Oct 14, 2012.

  1. poni618

    poni618 Active Member

    i have yamaha dtx express IV digital drums, and am trying to sync with ableton.do i need user control scripts?how would i find that?
  2. timshel

    timshel Active Member

    well you'll need to connect your dtx box to your computer with the midi port. That is the only computer friendly connection on the box. Do you have a midi interface or audio interface with midi in?

    Everything else will be breezy if you do.
  3. poni618

    poni618 Active Member

    i have a presonus 22vsl with midi cable,
    last year i connected with an m audio box (fasttrack pro) and it didn't sync properly
    like if i hit the snare it would play a hi hat
  4. timshel

    timshel Active Member

    Okay cool. So are you trying to record the sounds of the Yamaha DTX into Ableton or use the drum pads as midi triggers for a drum rack inside Ableton?
  5. poni618

    poni618 Active Member

    i can just record the sounds of the drums no problem by plugging in a line cord,
    but i want to record the midi notes, so i can quantize them (because i'm sloppy) and edit a lil bit
  6. timshel

    timshel Active Member

    You can record the midi information into Ableton but will have to use the sounds inside of Ableton. The DTX box does not have a midi in so it cannot be triggered with anything but the Yamaha drum pads. I suppose you could make samples of the drum set sounds if you're really into that.

    Plug in the DTX midi cable into your Presonus midi IN port.

    Inside of Ableton open up the preferences menu.

    Go to the midi sync tab.

    There should be a port called 'Presonus [something something]'.

    Next to this will be three tabs titled 'track' 'sync' 'remote'

    Make sure the Track is turned 'on.' It will be yellow. The other two do not really matter with this device.

    So now your DTX should be transmitting midi data into Ableton. Create a new midi track and hit one of the pads. It should trigger activity within the track i.e. the little line of balls should go all yellow.

    After you verify that midi data is coming into ableton, create a drum rack. Load all of your favorite 808s, 909s, vintage Abbey road kits, california girls drum samples in to the drum rack [look up tutorials if you do not know how].

    At the top right hand corner is a tab called midi. Click it and all the boxes should turn purple-ish. In the drum rack select one of the triggers and hit a pad on your DTX. This will map the messages from that particular pad on the DTX to trigger the chosen sample in Ableton. Rinse. Repeat. Click the midi tab to exit once you are done.

    That's about it. I do not know of any midi scripts written for this particular device. Either way you can make your own. Save a template when you are done and then you can mess around with it all night long.

    Hope all goes well. Good luck entering the world of Ableton and midi information.
  7. poni618

    poni618 Active Member

    i think thats the best reply i've ever gotten for anything
    thanks so much!!
    i'll try it,
    hope it works
    keep ya posted.

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