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Discussion in 'Tracking / Mixing / Editing' started by EricWatkins, Aug 29, 2009.

  1. EricWatkins

    EricWatkins Active Member

    IK Multimedia is having a really nice group buy on their T-racks singles plugins and I was just wondering if anyone here ad any opinions on them. I run Cubase 4 and mainly use the supplied eqs and compressors but also use Voxengo's Voxformer, Blockfish, and Ozone 3. My next logocal purchase was going to be either a UAD card or the Waves SSL 4000 suite. But with such a good sale, I was wondering if maybe it would be worth it to buy the T-racks stuff. Any opinions are welcome. Thanks,

  2. lemonentry1

    lemonentry1 Active Member


    they have a demo

    i have used t racks deluxe 3 before, and to be honest i was quite impressed, but not blown away, the UAD stuff is excellent, as is the waves, in my opinion both are better than the t-racks, its just a bit lacking really in comparison

    but its up to you to judge really check yourself and whatever works best for you

    im sure they all have demo versions.


  3. song4gabriel

    song4gabriel Active Member

    oh man someone here is gonna kill me when i write this:

    i use tracks on my master bus almost all the time when tracking and mixing. i use a preset called "fm braodcast", removed the clipper, lowered the limiter, and tweaked down the compressor. for a lame audio engineer (i am a songwriter musician) it was like "instant mix" when i first heard it and have used it ever since. i knoiw is an impedemant to properly learning technique and i pay for it sometimes but it works more times than not.

    oh man im gonna get slammed for this...
  4. EricWatkins

    EricWatkins Active Member

    Thanks guys. I will try to audition them today and see what I think. I have heard a lot of good things from a lot of people and yet, I keep considering that they are really under the radar compared to some other plugs. Then again, maybe their just more under MY radar. Right now, for $100, you get 6 plug ins. For $200, you can have the whole suite. For that kind of money, I might as well just go for it. Lol. Thanks again guys.
  5. ouzo77

    ouzo77 Active Member

    i've bought them just 2 weeks ago. i got the program eq, the opto compressor, the vintage compressor, the brickwall limiter, the metering suite and the reverb for about 80 euro. for that price it's a no brainer.
    i don't know about the "classic" t-racks plugins, but the new ones are definitely worth the price. they may not be as good as the uad or waves plugs, but i've never used those so i can't tell you if it's true or not.
    after reading a few very good reviews i took advantage of the promotion and wasn't disappointed.

    but as far as i know the whole suite including the new plugs costs $500. for $200 you only get the "classic" plugs which are basically the same as the t-racks2 plugins.
  6. RemyRAD

    RemyRAD Guest

    I have to say that I have been using the T-racks, standalone since version 1.0 with bugs. They marketed it to mimic tube like emulations. I like. I always have. If you select the presets, you'll find them all over the top, overblown, almost unusable. But if you create your own and you know what you're doing, you'll get lovely results. I'm not a big aficionado on tube equipment even though I possess some. But this Italian software, Like their opera, handsome character to it. So I don't like the presets much. It's not too transparent nor neutral nor neutered. I don't like anything except my fried chicken extra crispy. Give me fat and juicy anytime. The VST version plug-ins are interesting in that you can select the entire suite or you can select individual processes. Perhaps that reduces the CPU load when you don't need everything? So it's all good. Frankly, I like the original standalone version. IK multimedia tells me that the algorithms for the VST versions are the same as the standalone. I don't quite believe that in spite of what they say. And I do use the standalone to process individual tracks in a nonreal time basis. I like when I get better that way. Maybe it's just the user interface with the metering? But there are differences in spite of what the nice Italian gentlemen say at the AES. Maybe just my screwy perceptions or perhaps the way I'm using it? Hard to say? Either way, a reasonable investment.

    Frankly I don't like dinosaurs much
    Mx. Remy Ann David
  7. song4gabriel

    song4gabriel Active Member

    wow! remy i didnt know ik multimdedia was an italian company! ciĆ² interessa molto!!
  8. SeniorFedup

    SeniorFedup Guest

    does the 200 plugin sale include the reverb suite? ?
  9. EricWatkins

    EricWatkins Active Member

    Thanks everyone for your feedback. I picked up the Fairchild 670, Pultec, Brickwall Limiter, opto compressor, and the linear phase eq. I'm thinking that I really like them, especially the opto comp and the Pultec. I'll mess with them more in the future. I misunderstood the Classic Studio Reverb deal. I thought that it was the whole plugin but it turns out to just be the halls version. That said, who cares as the rest of it was well worth it. And as far as the halls in that reverb, Man I love em. Sounds like a lot of the warm gorgeous sounds I remember from the eighties. I think that the deal ended on the 1st.
  10. ouzo77

    ouzo77 Active Member

    i read somewhere that if you register one of the plugins until september 7th you will still get the other plugs.
    btw, all participators of that promotion can upgrade to the full version of the "classic studio reverb" suite at a special price. sounds interesting.

    and they're having a new "powered by amplitube" promotion in september... those crazy italians! ;-)
  11. ouzo77

    ouzo77 Active Member

    no, only the classic (yellow) plugs. the deluxe suite (including the fairchild, pultec, opto...) costs 500.
    the reverb suite's regular price is $229. if you've bought one of the t-racks plugs in august (or until sep 7th) you can get it for about $100.

    (no, i'm not related to ik multimedia in any way!!! maybe i should get paid for this.)
  12. Skittles

    Skittles Guest

    I have all of the Plugins there pretty good i've been pleased with my purchace. They have there place. The Opto comp makes my bass sound nice and fat..

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