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Tascam DM-24 Firewire card

Discussion in 'Pro Audio Software' started by stickjam, Mar 24, 2004.

  1. stickjam

    stickjam Guest

    Has anyone experienced firewire operation on the DM-24? Any comments?

    I'm looking to upgrade a Event Layla-20 & even-more-prehistoric Mackie analog setup with a flukey patchbay to full-out digital sans patchbay. I was originally looking at Motu 24i/o, but didn't feel good about losing a tactile control surface. Adding a separate control surface adds more cost to the point that the DM-24 with the firewire card (and an additional analog card) seems a much more cost-effective solution.


  2. Stoph

    Stoph Guest

    Hi Bob,
    I have a DM-24 and have the fire wire card on order. I am looking forward to getting it. If it works as well as the FW-1884 Control surface,( which I also have), the DM-24 will be an awesome addition to any studio using a DAW . I would appreciate any feedback from anyone who may already have the card for the DM-24