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Tascam DP-01 import problems

Discussion in 'Pro Audio Equipment' started by fmrrfr, Jan 1, 2006.

  1. fmrrfr

    fmrrfr Guest

    I got this because I needed a simple platform to write for a few friends out of state. I have not had any success in importing .WAV files into the machine. I have followed all of the directions, and (forgive me for saying) went to the Guitar center (I.E.Retard center) and tried to get one of the underpaid and seldom laid to explain the process. They like always were clueless. My guess is that this low end Digital 8 track cant do what it says in print.
    Any help out there?
  2. daveg62

    daveg62 Guest

    I came across the same problem when I had the DP01fx. If I remember right you can only import mono 16 bit wave files. I had to convert my 32 bit waves to 16 bit. I think I used sounforge to do the conversion. This is probably the problem you are having. :)
  3. fmrrfr

    fmrrfr Guest


    I did this to see if it would work.
    I used a DC converter (wave file converter program) and changed a .WAV file from the DP-01 into a MPeg-3 file on my lap top, than took that file and reconverted it into a 16 bit .WAV file and tried importing it. No success.
    I also took a straight wave file from a friend he recorded on a CD with a higher end BOSS digital recorder and tried importing. No success.
    maybe the problem I have is were I drag the files I want to import.
    I got four choices (master, backup, ect). Were did you place the file and what steps did you use to import the file?
    I appreciate your advice.
  4. daveg62

    daveg62 Guest

    I don't have the recorder anymore, but I seem to remember importing them to the WAV directory. Do you have a manual? If not I searched and found a link. http://www.tascam.com/Products/DP-01_DP-01FX/dp01_dp01fx_manual_e.pdf
    Also remember they have to be MONO 16 bit wav files or it won't work. Sorry that's about all the help I can give you .

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