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tc-helicon voice pro

Discussion in 'Pro Audio Equipment' started by logik, Mar 2, 2006.

  1. logik

    logik Guest

    Hey!! new here!
    Anyone has tried the new tc-helicon voice pro?
    How does it sounds?

    Maybe a silly question....can the voice pro control and effect simultaneous voice tracks in protools? even if the effects we apply are different?
  2. gilligan204

    gilligan204 Guest

    Hey I picked up the tc helicon voice works, it sucks, but the unit is 2 years old so,maybe they got better at it. for some reaon when I use the unit it changes S's in Z's .
  3. Hello new here. Weird name, but anyways...
    I have never heard the TC Helicon. I do own a T.C. Electronic chorus pedal (that I like). But as far as vocal processors go I would suggest overlooking the T.C. Helicon for "pro-like" results.
    For the very reason that gilligan204 said, "it sucks". I find that easy to believe.
    Might I suggest you look at the Eventide units instead. They are the real deal. Vocal harmonies are complex, and require much better than average processing. Few companies are as good as Eventide at processing vocal harmonies, and the like. The reverbs on the 2 units I own are so incredible. And special effects, with super complexed delays, and easy to use displays.
    I love my DSP7000. Or even an older model (like a H3000) would be nicer than the Helicon. Ebay, has some great deals on new/used Eventide products.
  4. logik

    logik Guest

    Thanks for your answers.
    did u heard the mp3 samples of voice pro at http://www.tc-helicon.tc
    They are awsome.
    I know eventide, but what i'm looking for it's a real hardware for vocals only. very good micro-pitch, doubling, modulation, and with all the simple fx like reverbs and delays. I think tc-helicon voice pro is the only one in the market to give awsome results, as far as i hear in their mp3 demos.
    Maybe the mp3's are a bluff??
  5. gilligan204

    gilligan204 Guest

    Maybe the used the eventide stuff to make the mp3s on the TC site ?
  6. Maybe you know Eventide. But I own Eventide. Two of them. And with a bid on ebay for another one (at the moment).
    The two units I have are called "Harmonizer" and "Ultra-Harmonizer". These two words are referring to primarily vocals harmonies. I talked to Max at Eventide about 6 months ago. He explained the process of harmonizing with vocals. It was an eye (ear) opening exp. And it requires some real dedicated circuitry for doing vocal harmonies. Key word there is "vocal".
    So if you want, "real hardware for vocals only" or "very good micro-pitch" which by the way Eventide invented the micro-pitch shifter. Then read up on the Eventide "Harmonizers" they are in a class all by themselves. They are in fact "The next level"
    I agree MP3's suck. I never use them to judge how good something sounds. The best way is to hook it up to your own gear and hear for yourself.
    Another gimik for some of these companies, is to record with their product in a studio (to make the MP3). Maybe that studio is using API pre amps, or Grace, or Neve, or whatever. And the mic is a Rode K2 or a Neumann u87. Now they don't tell you this stuff.
    They just let you hear a little MP3 clip and let you base your opinion on the MP3 file.
  7. logik

    logik Guest

    Hey Steven thanks!
    i've got the picture.
    The only question is.....$$$$
    eventide dsp7000-$3650,00
    eventide h8000-$5720,00
    tc-helicon vp-$2800,00

    U think eventide eclipse will do the job for me?
    Costs $2250,00
  8. Well...
    I paid $3400 for my DSP7000 from Washington Music in D.C.
    ...but, they re-sell for much less on ebay. And they are on there from time to time. Great place to get a 7000 for cheaper than new.
    Now the Eventide Eclipse is only $1350 at Soundpure dot com. They have AWESOME prices on the Eventide products. As far as the Eclipse doing the job... I think the Eclipse is a fantastic unit, BUT Eventide developed the Eclipse primarily as a guitar processor. Hence the name "Harmonizer".
    However the DSP7000 and the H8000 are what they refer to as "Ultra-Harmonizer". Max at Eventide said that the "Ultra-Harmonizers" have the true vocal harmony circuitry, and that's why they cost about a grand or more on average.
    You will get what you pay for with the Eventide products. So keep your eyes on the Ultra-Harmonizers if you want one mainly for vocals.

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