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TC Konnekt 24D

Discussion in 'Recording' started by Rufio90210, Jan 7, 2012.

  1. Rufio90210

    Rufio90210 Active Member

    Hey Guys,

    So I'm looking for an Audio Interface with built in preamp, my budget is around £150 - £200 (will buy a used product)

    Ive noticed the Konnekt 24D and read great reviews and seems to be the front runner at the moment. There is one thing confusing me about the Built in effect called FABRIK C

    Electronic Musician's review of the TC Electronic Konnekt 24D audio interface | TC Electronic Konnekt is a FireWire audio interface with built-in effects | Konnekt 24D FireWire-based audio interface

    Now it says its a compressor and de-esser..... what is de-essing ? Does it mean that this unit is an interface, preamp, compressor and expander all in one? If so would the compressor and expander be good as I was planning on buying a Presonus ACP88...surely it cant be as good as the presonus?

    (before you say don't buy presonus, someone is selling really cheap at £150 i could sell it on if I find no use for it)


  2. Rufio90210

    Rufio90210 Active Member

    Oh and ive seen an RME hammerfall multiface on ebay, I cant seem to find an in depth info and review on it...

    Whats the usual price for these? Is it a good preamp? is there pantom power and are there any compressor , effects built in?

  3. Cucco

    Cucco Distinguished Member

    I have a Konnekt 24D in my studio for one of my editing rigs. It's a VERY good unit. The preamps in it are extremely good, the conversion is top notch. In all - a bullet proof unit.

    The effects (Fabric C and Fabric R) are fantastic as well. And yes, the compressor is (IMO) better than the Presonus. Well, I should say that they're different. The TC seems to do its job way more effortlessly without imparting hardly any audible trace to the sound other than what you want/need. The Presonus tends to impart an almost ambiguously hard to predict result every time I use it.

    A local church that I did a renovation for had the 8 channel comp from Presonus. They insisted that I continue to use it after the reno since they paid for it. I couldn't find an application in which I liked it, so it's there, but not hooked up.

    There's one beef I have with the TC and this may have been become by events (I don't know - perhaps someone can correct me if I'm wrong). The effects can't be used as traditional VST plugs. IOW, if you put a comp on a channel in a mixer within a DAW and then render the file, the COMP doesn't appear on the final output. At least that's the way it **was** a couple years ago when I put my unit in to service (and I haven't done much/any updating on it since). I tend to work with some outboard effects though, so it's no trouble for me to patch it in as a hardware effect when bouncing a multitrack back down to a 2 track.

    Hope that helps-

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