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Techno/Dance Effect- HOW? help!

Discussion in 'Recording' started by Xtopher, Nov 21, 2008.

  1. Xtopher

    Xtopher Guest

    Hey everyone, I am wondering how to get the effect that is used a lot in techno music where the singer's voice sort of glitches out, or sounds like it has a ton of delay on it in one spot. I have been trying to figure this out, any tips helpful... a good song example is the band Panic at the Disco on their song "time to dance" the part where he says shotgun wedding a second time (end of chorus). I will try to find a song online so I can post a link to it, but maybe you all get what im talking about already :)

  2. pr0gr4m

    pr0gr4m Well-Known Member

    It's called a chopper effect. It basically chops up the audio, removing parts.

    Back in the day I did this with a gate that was triggered off of a hi-hat. Nowadays, there plugins that can do it and some come standard in certain DAW software.

    You'll want one that can sync to MIDI or tempo so you can chop it up in time. Then you just set it to do it for 8th notes, 16ths, 32nds, whateverths.
  3. Xtopher

    Xtopher Guest

    oh wow thanks pr0gr4m! i am glad you understood what I was talking about! I will search for chopper FX and plugins. Any idea of a good one for Logic?
  4. GeckoMusic

    GeckoMusic Guest

    Glitch is a sweet one.
  5. pr0gr4m

    pr0gr4m Well-Known Member

    Here is one that does the chopper and a whole lot more.
  6. Xtopher

    Xtopher Guest

    wow thanks so much! glitch looks awesome, i run on mac, idk if it will work... thanks again for the help!

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