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tell me what you think of these recordings

Discussion in 'Recording' started by chekerbutt, Oct 1, 2005.

  1. chekerbutt

    chekerbutt Guest

    i recorded these songs in my bedroom with a firepod and very little experience... leme know what i could to do make it better if you have any suggestions

    the songs are at this site
  2. Jarci

    Jarci Active Member

    Orinary Far beatiful!!!

    Love the song Ordinary far. You have a beatiful voice love the words if you ask me this one can be a Hit. Seriously.
    :) And you recorder this in your room??? Wow to me it sounds very professional but what do i know i haven't record anything yet. But i like it a lot. What equipmet do you have?? Do you record on your computer???

  3. Braindogg

    Braindogg Guest

    Very good sound quality on both songs. It doesn't sound like a bedroom recording at all. Your voice is very good. What kind of mic did you use? I'm doing some stuff right now, but I'm struggling with quality and drums. Was your guitar mic'ed or does it have pickups? Also, how did you do your drums?

    Sorry for all the questions, but your sound quality was so good that I'd like to be able to get something like that. Once again, very good job. Keep posting your stuff here 'cause I'm sure people will want to hear it.

  4. Things to make the recording better, or things to make the song better? Which did you mean?

    Here are a few things I pick up on listening to the track through these Dell computer speakers recording-wise:

    1) The whole thing sounds very bright and shimmery. Did you do that on purpose? Because I think that some more organic-sounding treatments would make it sound nicer. I'm guessing you're primarily a guitar player, right? The entire arrangement is right in that guitar-y register. Keeping the bass part down in a lower register would help, probably. I would've been tempted to use a standup bass even.

    2) I swear there was a spot I heard where the vocals went off-key...perhaps a second listen...ok, maybe not as bad as I thought. About the 1:34 mark you sound like you had trouble holding that note. Not too big a deal I suppose.

    2) I don't at all care for the guitar tone on the lead part that starts around 3:20. The part itself seems to fit fine, I guess, but I don't like the tone. Was that some kind of amp simulator?

    1) I don't really hear a hook or anything to hold onto in the song. Listening to it I get bored really quickly. There's some up-and-down in the instrumentation, but not much going on tension-wise, really. The lyrics aren't really accessible to me, but that's a me thing. Maybe some different type of transition between the verse and chorus would help. The two sound a lot alike, really, there's just more guitar in the chorus.

  5. packrobottom

    packrobottom Active Member


    Why do people do that? They try and act like they just picked up a recording mic for the first time when they post a song. This is definitely not budget gear being used by someone recording with very little to no recording experience lol.

    Nice try tho. Next time just say hey! what do you think of these songs! They are good btw.

    the only think I'd change is the lead tone in the second song it's horrible.
  6. Jarci

    Jarci Active Member


    Can't stand haters :evil: Post your songs let me see how it sounds :!:
  7. packrobottom

    packrobottom Active Member


    Reading comprehension obviously isn't your strong suit? I said his songs were good reread it. :roll:
  8. Jarci

    Jarci Active Member

    but you also said "Why do people do that? They try and act like they just picked up a recording mic for the first time when they post a song."
  9. jonnyc

    jonnyc Member

    He said that because dipshits get on here and post their like 50th song they recorded or hell sometimes its stuff other people recorded for them and try to pass it off as their first song. If you listened to all the people posting their "first song" there aren't any really horrible recordings. Don't you ever wonder why that is. My first recording sounded like a band playing in a tin can with the lid on. It made my bose system sound like total ass and is something I'd never show to anyone. No reason to lie about how many songs you've recorded, a good recording is a good recording.
  10. jonnyc

    jonnyc Member

    sorry submitted twice
  11. jahme

    jahme Guest


  12. Now that is a word we could all use a little more of in day-to-day conversation. I like it. I will hijack it and use it as though it were my own.

  13. packrobottom

    packrobottom Active Member

    exactly johnny well said. My first recording sounded so vile if I were to play it for you would lose your hearing.

    Think of a space oddity cover! on a tascam 4 track with a radio shack mic!

    I mean Brian Wilson might as well post pet sounds in it's entirety on here and say "hey this is my very first recording what do you think?"
  14. Mr-Nice

    Mr-Nice Guest

    I am co-signing this one. It seemed bass absent, and needed to me just a bit more low end. Perhaps some good mastering would add magic to it. And I listened to the tracks on my monitors (Alesis M1 Mk2 Actives).
  15. chekerbutt

    chekerbutt Guest


    thanks guys for your comments,
    those songs were actually recorded with a prosonus firepod in nuendo... they are actually like my 3rd and 4th recordings of songs every... ive been plracticing with mic placement on the drums so im getting better sounds somtimes, and somtimes it just sucks... but the guitars... i just went in direct with no amp but they had their peddles and junk and on the "bad tone" on the lead guitar it was actually clipping and getting late in the night so we just left it lol... im using audix mics on my drums, nothing special. and an mxl mic for the vox also nothing special. im glad yall think it sounds profesional cus i was lacking in a little confidence on my recording skills... AND im am a drummer not a guitar player and i wasnt singing it was the singiner in my band... so thats that
    talk to you later

  16. And by God, if it sounds too bright on THOSE things then you got some ISSUES! hee hee.


    Here's a few tips for your next experiment:

    1) Mic guitar amps. Always. Feel free to run a direct IN ADDITION TO, but don't NOT mic an amp if you've got one.

    2) Talk to whoever arranges the songs. Get them to do a little better job. Writing AND arranging, actually.


  17. mrbwnstn

    mrbwnstn Guest

    Wow, not bad, especially for someone with "little experience." When I first read your post I was expecting something a lot different. Good job.

    Overall the song (Brightly) sounds like it could use some "shimmer". But this could be due to the pre amps on the Firepod, or the speakers mixed through. Also I'd say the song could use some depth. Feels like everything is linear and could use some dimension. Know what I mean?

    The arrangement is great and the players are defiantly competent. I love when the full band comes in after the drum roll at the beginning.

    Over all: B-.

  18. You're shitting me, right?
  19. mrbwnstn

    mrbwnstn Guest

    No. From what I hear, listening to the mp3 through inexpensive headphones at work, the song doesn't sound that bad. The mix is balanced, the instruments are intelligible, from what I can hear there aren’t any horrible EQ problems.

    The song could use some warmth, roundness, shimmer, tone and dimension, but it’s not a terrible recording.

    I think the arrangement is good for the style of music and is played competently.

    And given his situation - home project with little experience - I think it’s pretty damn good! A lot better than anything I was doing on my 3rd or 4th project. I used to DJ a local college radio show and I wish half the recordings we received from low-level engineers could’ve sounded this good.

    So no, I’m not shitting you.
  20. raukr

    raukr Guest

    hey shotgun, do you know nick burns, your company computer guy?

    these songs are definitely a real good start.

    if youre still reading, i could hear your click track at the end of ordinary far, so if you can, getting rid of that would be a good start. :D

    i liked the picking on the acoustic guitar at about 2:39 on that one.

    i don't have anything to offer as far as mixing goes, its better than i can do, but i noticed some instruments could be a little more steady on incomplete, particularly around the bridge.

    actually the whole bridge didnt do much for me, i thought it could use some more tension, a bigger build up back to the chorus, or something else to keep me hooked. but i did like the rest before the chorus.

    overall, really good, keep it up.

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