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Terry Date info

Discussion in 'Pro Audio Equipment' started by catsontracks, Jan 3, 2003.

  1. catsontracks

    catsontracks Guest

    Does anyone here have some links for me about Terry Date? His recording techniques are soooo cool..

  2. catsontracks

    catsontracks Guest

    Can't get any usefull stuf on google. There must be someone who has some interesting links?
  3. audiowkstation

    audiowkstation Active Member

    go to http://www.copernic.com and get their free program that uses multiple search engines at once. If their is any info on the web, this tool will find it. Read the manual to it so you can set up searches in the 1000's
  4. Bob Mould

    Bob Mould Member

    there is an article in past EQ issue about Terry Date, but since their website is now integrated in musicplayer.com i cant seem to find it anymore. What i can remember from it is that he uses an Sm58 handheld for alot of vocals, Audio Technica ATM25 on kickdrums, Some wierd AKG lollipop looking mic for toms, cant remember the model nr.

    hope this is of any help


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