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"The Brick": the right preamp?

Discussion in 'Preamps / Channel Strips' started by somerstein, Apr 3, 2005.

  1. somerstein

    somerstein Guest

    I am fullfilling the dream of my life, I come from a little town in Bolivia (south america) and from a family very poor, I made my way to America when I was 18, since then I have been working on several jobs and traying to make my way up. Well right now I am 27 and have almost my first semi professional home studio, I have been always facinated with the acoustics and sounds. I dont have to much studies on this field but when it comes to make music or put tracks together It just happens, hard to explain but I understand music on its deepest level, almost even espiritualy (by the way I am not a pod head). I just need some of you guys who have a lot of studies and experience to recomend wich preamp should I get on a $500 budget for a Microphone TLM 103 Neumann, and if it's true that U can use an M4 midi interface with mbox and pro tools 6.7 le. By the way I dont know if there is something better than the focusrite preamps that mbox comes with for that amount of money ($500)...

    Thank you for your answers
  2. Markd102

    Markd102 Well-Known Member

    I've always found with the TLM103 that you NEED a good preamp. So I seriously doubt you'll find anything in that price range. But YMMV.
    I tried the TLM103 with a friends Mbox a few months back and I hated the sound.
    Maybe try the RNP, or the Studio Projects VMP-1. They are both half decent, but I certainly can't guarrantee them with the TLM.

    And to run MIDI devices with the Mbox you need a 3rd party midi I/O unit.
  3. Cucco

    Cucco Distinguished Member

    Two words:

    The Brick!

    Or of course there's two of my other favorite options:
    Grace 101 (I know Kurt - there's a wall wart...)
    Summit 2BA-221

  4. Reggie

    Reggie Well-Known Member

    Brick make it sound pretty I bet. Don't forget the Safesound P1 if you want a good channel strip. It'll give you a compressor and expander and a limiter which are all great for tracking vocals/guitars/etc. Brick beats it slightly in sound; P1 wins big in the features department.
  5. somerstein

    somerstein Guest

    The brick

    Thank you very much for your answers, I have done all the review about The Brick, and it sounds right for my home studio, I will try that and get the M4 as a midi interface.....

    If someone thinks otherwise, please let me know....
  6. wwittman

    wwittman Active Member

    I'm letting you know.
    I honestly don't like the TLM 103, or any other transformerless Neumann, with ANY pre... but I don't think you can improve much on the MBox's mic pres for $500.

    For $1500 you can improve on it enourmously.
    But I'd suggest saving until you can make a MAJOR improvement; not a tiny incremental or barely noticeable one, that you'll only be upgrading from in not much time.
  7. Kurt Foster

    Kurt Foster Distinguished Member

    You gotta try the Brick. I would have agreed with you about two weeks ago until GT sent out a pair of those babies for me to review. I am very impressed with them. They really does compare to the high end offerings, from sound to the build quality.

    It's transformer balenced in and out and has 3 tubes. It features through the board constuction with a super adaquate power supply. The switches and connectors are all nutted to the case, not soldered to the PCB. I really don't see how they are selling these things for under $350 but they are.
  8. somerstein

    somerstein Guest

    Jus bought THE BRICK

    I recently purchased and hooked it up to the MBOX, I dont know to much about some other preamps but this brick is solid and improved the TLM way much more than I expected.... Thanx CUCCO for the great advice, it was worth it buying the brick...
    And thx everyone who posted a reply on this subject ....
  9. anonymous

    anonymous Guests

    Re: The right preamp

    I might suggest using or at least trying a Mindprint. They use a 12AX7 tube and sound really nice and warm because of it. And they are not too exp.
  10. J-MADD

    J-MADD Active Member

    Wwittman stated that the tlm 103 is transformerless. This probably is a dumb question, but is a Neumann U87ai transformerless? the specs say that it has a pressure gradient transducer. I ask b/c I have heard many good things about this mic, but I myself have used and do not like the tlm 103.

  11. mcmilliron

    mcmilliron Guest

    I purchased The Brick a few weeks ago and I couldn't be happier with the results. Anyone looking for a budget pre really needs to get The Brick. You can't beat it for $350.00
  12. Screws

    Screws Active Member

    All Neumann mics with the prefix TLM stand for Transformer Less Microphone.
  13. J-MADD

    J-MADD Active Member

    So then the U87ai has a transformer??
  14. Markd102

    Markd102 Well-Known Member

    You are correct
  15. somerstein

    somerstein Guest

    the right preamp

    I purchased The Brick for $420 at guitar center , where can I get it for $350 as mcmilliropn said.
  16. anonymous

    anonymous Guests

    Damn it all :x
  17. Reggie

    Reggie Well-Known Member

    Re: the right preamp

    Guitar Center.

    Haha you got skrued.
  18. mcmilliron

    mcmilliron Guest

    I got The Brick at my local guitar center in Chicago for $340 but it was a display model. My guy at guitar center told me he could do $360 brand new out the door. I guess it depends on the guy you're working with. they go for $399 at Sweetwater.com

    You should always check online first, then print out the price before you go in.
  19. TheArchitect

    TheArchitect Active Member

    Re: the right preamp

    They are advertised at 399 at my GC. They usually take some off of that too if you ask. Having a go to guy in the store helps too.
  20. RAIN0707

    RAIN0707 Guest

    Just do what I do. Walk into guitar center and be on your cell phone with your buddy while looking at the gear you are interested in. I was looking at a Shure KSM44 Mic at guitar center and was talking to my friend how was at home on the net looking on EBAY. I asked the guy how much and he told me 599.99 and my friend said on EBAY there is one from an authorized dealer for 545.99 with free shipping so i turn to the guy and said "Nevermind my friend said he found one on EBAY for 545.99..." the guy dropped it to 540.00. I said "Sold". I've done that several times now and everytime I have saved at least 40-60 bucks each time.

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