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The worst room you have ever rehearsed / tracked / played in...?

Discussion in 'Studio Lounge' started by Sean G, Oct 14, 2015.

  1. Sean G

    Sean G Well-Known Member

    I thought this would make an interesting topic for a thread....it came up as a side topic in another thread so I thought I'd give it a life of its own...

    What is the worst room you have ever rehearsed / tracked / played in?

    It may even be an outdoor gig...I'm sure everyone has a story or two to tell and it may be good for a laugh or two as well.
  2. Sean G

    Sean G Well-Known Member

  3. bouldersound

    bouldersound Real guitars are for old people. Well-Known Member

    There's a brew pub down the road from me that has live music, usually small bands or acoustic groups. Critical distance is about two meters.
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  4. Sean G

    Sean G Well-Known Member

    Thats mad...from that distance you could almost reach out and do their sound for them...
  5. DonnyThompson

    DonnyThompson Distinguished Member

    It seems that as I get older, the more sensitive to "bad" sound I've become. For whatever reason, in the last few years, I've grown increasingly hyper-sensitive to frequencies that reside at and around 1k.

    These days, I avoid "loud" whenever possible, and as much as possible. Small clubs are the worst, because there's usually no place to go in a smaller space where that concentrated loud volume can be avoided.
    I've also found that, in most of these rooms I've been in, that the bands are usually playing far too loud...
    Most of the time, I find that the stage volume alone is un-Godly hot to start with; and it always seems like these bands are bringing in far too much gun, PA-wise, for the rooms that they're performing in.

    Somewhere along the way, LOUD began to equal "good"... which was a lot more tolerable back in the days of the big nightclubs/venues, where the sound could be dispersed more, less concentrated, and where there always seemed to be a place where you could go to give your ears a break.

    My hearing is my job. I have to protect it as much as I can... and avoiding situations where extreme decibel levels are present is the primary way I do that.
  6. Sean G

    Sean G Well-Known Member

    I'm hearing ya there...
    at the end of my street there was a venue called the Sando, it was basically a pub and the second story that was a live music venue.
    Basically a big brick room with a stage and no treatment whatsoever.
    All the top Aussie acts would play there, touring overseas acts would play support gigs there, even up and comers got to cut their teeth there.
    I can't count how many bands Iv'e seen there or the level of hearing loss I suffered in that room over the years. Hot and sweatty and way too loud sums it up.
    When the live music scene was really at its peak here in the day it was one of the best local venues for live music, but some used to really crank up the PA & amps to unbelievibly incredible levels.
    It was like standing in a 50 foot x 50 foot square brick speaker box pumping out a few thousand watts.:eek:
    Just before it went bust I got to see these guys there, one of the best shows Iv'e seen there in a long time.
    Just a cover band playing Zappa, 11 on stage in total, everyone knew their parts and their place and their levels. And the room sounded great for once.

    Now I think its a cake shop:unsure:
  7. Chris Perra

    Chris Perra Active Member

    I do a weekend here a month.. It's more boxy sounding in real life haha. It's like a band box shell all hard surfaces. About 10 feet deep 20 feet wide and 7 ft high.

  8. pcrecord

    pcrecord Don't you want the best recording like I do ? Well-Known Member

    The worst rooms that I played in was :
    1. A conference room in my city, 55' x 45' x 25' with the walls made of bricks. It had the worst delay and bass build-up.
    2. An arena where the Producer insisted to set the stage facing the longer side. Delays were nightmare !!
    I wear earplugs anywhere noise/music exceed 80db. Even in restorants when discussions get loud ! ;)

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