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this ones for all u metal guys

Discussion in 'Recording' started by derelict, Dec 14, 2004.

  1. derelict

    derelict Guest

    first off, i'm new to this forum, but i have been browsing through it for several months now, and it seems there are alot of knowledgable people here.
    so anyway here's my question:
    i'm working with a hardcore band that does alot of screaming. how can i get that raunchy screaming effect heard on most commercial cd's, such as atreyu, slipknot, or bands of that genre?
    my signal chain is as follows, KSM27->bellarri tube pre->mackie 1604->motu828->sonar3. any ideas?.............rock!
  2. nandoph8

    nandoph8 Active Member

    lots of compression and try a handheld mic instead. I like 421's if not try a 58 or even a 57. Here is a sample with the 421
  3. derelict

    derelict Guest

    wow, thats exactly the sound i am after. don't have a 421, but i will try an sm58, thanx
  4. bobbo

    bobbo Active Member


    this is what you do get a decent tube pre and saturate the tube when the guy is screaming, (not distort per say, but saturate to taste) the tube i find helps screaming with its harmonics and all that jazz, then compress it and mabey eq it to bring it out of the mix or settle it in the mix which it should be, (screaming shouldn't ever be right in you face). As far as the mic goes, i have used condenser and dynamic and the dynamic is good with some eq and kind of filtered sounding, with a condenser you can get more of a clear scream, try both to see what works better for you.

  5. RAIN0707

    RAIN0707 Guest

    Here's what i sometimes do as well...set up a mic array of two mics. Use the 57 or 58 right up next to the singer and station the KSM further back in the room keeping in mind the 3:1 rule. Turn the tube pre on the KSM way up and saturate as one of the previous posts said. Use the 57 track for presence and clarity and mix in the KSM for a more distant, delayed scream. This sometimes can make for a nice adjustment for someone who screams, but isnt all that good at it. Also John Scrip has a cool technique about recording a whispered, monotone track underneath and blending that in as well.
  6. derelict

    derelict Guest

    cool, thanx guys, i replaced the factory sovtek tube in my preamp with a groove tube and that seemed to do the trick pretty well, i just gotta crank the gain on it.
  7. bobbo

    bobbo Active Member

    re scream

    here is an example that i did,


    i used a beta57a going through an ART Prochannel with lots of saturation going on and heavily compressed so that it was all the same level. the last low screams where done with a presonus eureka with a studio projects c1.

  8. therecordingart

    therecordingart Well-Known Member

    The vocals sound pretty damn good! I'm a big fan of the vocals breaking up the way they do.

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