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this track is mixed and master...or NOT???

Discussion in 'Recording' started by mickael, Feb 4, 2005.

  1. mickael

    mickael Guest

    Hi I was wondering what did u think of the mix and mastering of this track:
    it is suppose to be mixed and mastered and ready to go on my album, it's my single so I wanna be sure. let me know if you hear anything that should be changed, re recorded or re mastered. I know the MP3 is low quality :(
    Thanks a lot ;)
  2. Massive Mastering

    Massive Mastering Well-Known Member

    It's pretty badly distorted and the highs are almost gone...

    Could be -

    (1) MP3 quality

    (2) Smashed to death

    (3) Comination of both

    It's sounds like there's a nice mix in there somewhere though...
  3. mickael

    mickael Guest

    thanks a lot for your reply, well it was mixed right I thin k but mastered by someone else using the Line eq band Wave plugin (or something similaire) so do you think i only need to get it re mastered?
    thanks again ;0)
  4. Massive Mastering

    Massive Mastering Well-Known Member

    Hard to tell without hearing the unmastered version...

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