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thought i'd share my sheer excitement

Discussion in 'Recording' started by vashuba, Oct 9, 2009.

  1. vashuba

    vashuba Active Member

    So i started a new chapter in my recording path. I finally started recording with logic and apple technology. I plugged into my tascam 122 unit and layed down some dirty tracks. I am using the 122 until i can get a firewire interface. Before i was recording on a PC using cubaseLE in a pretty big and open layout. Now, i am condensed into a smaller room in my new apartment. I could definalty tell a difference from the room alone as it makes its sound worse. But i am gonna have to find an approach to take to get the best results possible, might try recording downstairs when nobodys home. I am gonna make a foam shield for vocals(pretty pumped) and make the closet a vocal booth.
    Now just today i donwloaded the 3.40 driver for the 122 and i got it hooked up fine. The only thing that stumps me is that it seemed the audio signal was not as loud as it should be. I dont think i had the entire unit working correctly though either becuase the direct monitoring did not work so i went through the mac instead. Nonetheless, it feels like im starting all over again.....
  2. bent

    bent No Bad Vibes! Well-Known Member


    Perhaps not the best of situations (the apartment that is), but if you have fun with it, and enjoy what you're doing, that's what really matters man.

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