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Thoughts on Computer? SONICA G3 3.0Ghz model $1499.95, ebay

Discussion in 'Recording' started by DrAlanLipman, Mar 22, 2004.

  1. DrAlanLipman

    DrAlanLipman Guest


    Any thoughts on the specs/components/value of this DAw computer advertised on ebay?

    Specs below, and here is also the link: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dllViewItem&item=3711213539&category=41784

    Detailed specifications:

    SONICA G3 MODELS G 3.0 Ghz

    G 3.2 Ghz

    G 3.4 Ghz



    Intel® Pentium 4 Hyper-Threading @ 3.0, 3.2, or 3.4GHz, Intel 865 chipset on Intel board
    L2 Cache
    System Bus**

    Dual-Channel DDR Memory****
    1GB (400MHz)
    Up to 6.4GB/s Bandwith
    1GB (400MHz)
    Up to 6.4GB Bandwith
    1GB (400MHz)
    Up to 6.4GB/s Bandwith
    Ultra-Quiet technology
    CNPS(Computer Noise Prevention System) is a system that cuts traditional computer system's noise of 30dB or higher to 20dB or lower, which is below what a normal user can usually notice.
    Hyperthreading Technology Built-in
    SATA RAID Technolgy Built-in
    Gigabit LAN Technology Built-in
    Variable Fan-Speed
    Built-in, microprocessor digitally controlled with multiple temperature sensing points.
    8X AGP Pro graphics
    Nvidia FX5200 128MB including VGA, DVI & S-Video connectors

    Operating System
    Windows XP service pack 1
    License, CD, and documentation included
    System Storage - Dual drive system

    80GB PATA system drive
    80GB SATA AUDIO drive

    7200RPM/ 8MB Buffer
    Audio drive comes in SATA mobile rack
    80GB PATA system drive
    80GB SATA AUDIO drive

    7200RPM/ 8MB Buffer
    Audio drive comes in SATA mobile rack
    80GB PATA system drive
    80GB SATA AUDIO drive

    7200RPM/ 8MB Buffer
    Audio drive comes in SATA mobile rack
    Primary Storage Controller
    RAID Serial ATA-150
    RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 0+1
    Expansion Capabilities
    Five PCI bus add-in card connectors
    Bay 1

    8X dual mode DVD burner, burn both CDs and DVDs
    Bay 2
    SATA Audio drive in mobile rack
    Bay 3
    IEEE 1394a Firewire Included 3 FireWIRE Ports
    USB 2.0 6 Ports
    Intel 10/100/1000 BASE-T Ethernet
    56K V.92 Modem
    High-speed Serial/Parallel
    1 Port + 1 Port
    PS/2 Ports
    2 Ports (1 Keyboard/ 1 Mouse)
    6-channel audio subsystem based on the Analog Devices AD1985 codec
    SPDIF Optical and BNC outputs included
    Video Capture
    802.11b/g Wireless LAN
    Internal Bays
    1 x 3 1/2" Full-size
    Power Supply
    SONICA SYSTEMS Ultra-Quiet 450W
    Input Devices Keyboard and Optical Mouse included
    Standard 19" rack 18.5" deep (H) x (W ) x (D): 483mm x 470mm x 177mm
    Weight (approx.) Up to 45 lbs. Up to 45 lbs. Up to 45 lbs.
    System software
    Microsoft® Windows XP® with SVP1
    Bundled software
    Nero Burning Rom, WinDVD Player, WinDVD Creator, Norton Internet Security, RealONE Player
    Linux compatibility
    Warranty and service

    Complimentary 3 Year Parts and Labor DeLuxe Warranty
    Up to 5 Years Premium Extended Enterprise Warranty

    Toll FREE 24*7 Technical Support

    - All system specifications are subject to change without notice

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