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Thoughts on M80 or Precision 8

Discussion in 'Pro Audio Equipment' started by abraham, Jan 19, 2002.

  1. abraham

    abraham Guest

    I recently purchased an M80 mic pre but have not yet received it. What should I expect? this is a used unit with the "Jensen" transformers. Is this a pretty good pre for general purpose. I'm tracking through my D8B right now. Will it be much of an improvement? I also ordered an RME AD8 Pro to use as converters. I would also like some feedback on True Systems Precison 8.
    Thanks to all Abraham.
  2. With any good quality outboard pres, you should expect a considerable improvement over the DB8 pres. I haven't tried the Precision 8 but Steve Remote (live recording wizard for the big boys) recommended the Precision 8 on this forum, although at least part of the goal was to keep it small and relatively inexpensive.
    I'm using the ADI-8 DS, and I'm quite satisfied that the A/D/A is no longer a weak link for me. I have heard some very subtle and textured sounds coming through that thing.

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