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Discussion in 'Location Recording' started by steve s, Aug 16, 2011.

  1. steve s

    steve s Active Member

    Hope this is the correct group to post this question to, but I'm in a bit of a bind. Just recently lost all my recording equipment (microtech gefell m200 pair into a tascam hd-p2 oade mod), and i need to quickly replace it all. I bought my mics over a decade ago and love them, so i'm planning on replacing with as close a match as i can find and afford (my they are pricey),, I was planning on trying to spend a bit more on the mic pre with the hope i could go into a cheaper recorder than the tascam hd-p2. Does anyone have thoughts on running through the sound devices 2 channel pre into something like one of the $600 range marantz units. I mostly record loud live sound, but also more quiet acoustic stuff.
  2. moonbaby

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    Heads up:
    B&H Photo has the Tascam HD-P2 on sale for $699. While there were many glowing reviews of that box, the only negative one said that you should use it with the Sound Devices 2-ch mic pre due to level/noise issues...something to consider.
    I'm very seriously considering that route for my mobile rig now.
  3. steve s

    steve s Active Member

    i liked the tascam hd-p2, got it when they first went on the market from oade with the mod to allow me to record live music, but like you say it still left me wanting a bit better from the pre,, i'd be happy with another hd-p2, but just figured the marantz may be a bit more compact,
    i'm still wondering why did sonic devices stop with the 2 chan pre
  4. johannes_o

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    I can recommend the USBPre 2 heartily. It's a well built, great sounding piece of real pro equipment. It amazes me how much they can pull out of the USB power supply. Pre's, converters and headphone amps - all is very good.

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