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Tips for newbie ...M-Audio Fast Track mkii plus Fishman guitar pickup

Discussion in 'Guitars' started by sirpicksalot, Apr 6, 2012.

  1. sirpicksalot

    sirpicksalot Active Member

    So I recently purchased the M Audio Fast Track (mkii) to do some home recordings of my acoustic guitar. I'm plugging directly in to the interface and using Garageband to record. I've done a few test recordings which sound semi-decent but everything is just a little thin and chords don't sustain very well. CAn I adjust something through the guitar pick up to get ideal sound? Anyone with experience who could recommend a nice pick up setting for recording? So far I have my bass boosted fairly high, the mids cut down, treble slightly higher and the brightness setting pushed up slightly below bass. This is the recommended finger picking setting for amps, but I'm sure things are probably somewhat different in recording. Also is there some sort of setting I might be missing on the Mac which could beef up my guitar sound a bit? It isn't horrible, I just wish it registered a little stronger on chords and wasn't quite so harsh when I pluck the low E a little too hard. It peaks out when I do that, but then it's too low when I just lightly play. I can play a very particular way and make it almost sound good, but I lose some of my chops because it's like trying to play guitar like a robot. I can't use any dynamics in my playing and that basically cuts the life out of my style. Frustrating!
  2. RemyRAD

    RemyRAD Well-Known Member

    There are so many different acoustic guitar pickups, some sound fabulous and others, well, let's just say, they sound great going through amplifiers and not going direct. Plus, you know, not all acoustic guitars are created equally. I've taken plenty of fine acoustic guitars with both average and excellent pickups and have obtained a beautiful full-bodied sounding recordings. Other folks guitar and pickup combinations have yielded extremely thin results which, yes, drive me crazy also. Boosting the low-end can help but it's not without its foibles and mud baths. Then you boost the midrange. Then you boost the high-end. And what do you get? Generally rotten eggs. So you record that Direct sound and then when you go to mix, you include a limiter and then your equalization to make up the difference. But I'm not a guitarist and a lot of other people here are who I'm sure will offer many more good suggestions for you.

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  3. sirpicksalot

    sirpicksalot Active Member

    Thanks again Remy. Yes it is a bit of a crap shoot. I've been a guitarist for years, but I've just never been into amps, pickups, interfaces, GEAR! ha! Just one of those grab the acoustic and play on the porch kinda guys for the most part. When I was in a band for a short time the drummer had to help me figure out crap on the amp half the time! I just never had an interest in the technology side of making music which is totally bone-headed for any musician who wants to do anything with their stuff. There is so much info out there about finding the right guitar tone/recording that it all gets a bit overwhelming at times! I'll keep digging though.

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