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Tips on home recording

Discussion in 'Recording' started by markhan, Mar 22, 2001.

  1. markhan

    markhan Guest

    Hi, I am new in this industry. Actually, I am a student interested in music recording and wish to produce my own mixes soon. Could anyone help give some tips on recording in the home using a PC?
    I currently use audio softwares to mix my sounds.

    :confused: chojh@pl.jaring.my
  2. Ang1970

    Ang1970 Well-Known Member

    Welcome to RO Mark :)

    If you're looking for general tips, you came to the right place. Just reading thru all the posts people have made here already is a lot of rope to chew on. Harvey's tips are a must!

    Don't expect too many people to respond to this thread, as it would be redundant to repeat all the same tips over and over again. (This server space ain't free! :( ) But if you want specific tips on something, please narrow down your question and we'll try to answer that or get you pointed in the right direction.


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