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  1. Hello,
    I've been playing drums since 2002, guitar 2008, bass 2010, and piano early this year.
    I've always mixed my own music, and always have fun with it. Though, most of the time I have a hard time with it.
    My problems are usually, when everything is mixed, it usually sounds very.."dirty." What I mean is, it everything sounds sort of put together and isn't clean.
    I've got it recording on 24 bit aif(Been switching from that and Wav) and that always helps, but that's not exactly what I mean.
    For me, the drums almost sounds like the background - you can't really hear them too much. Though when I turn them up, everything else doesn't sound right.
    So really, what I need help is, is clearing things up so that you can hear the instruments real good, without sounding messy.
    If anyone has any tips, or even a link to something that can help me, I'd appreciate the reply.

    Thanks a lot,
  2. IIRs

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  3. audiokid

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    Dan, that is the best tutorial going,well done! Until we get any better, this one needs to be a sticky.
  4. jshonuff

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    Andy Vax

  5. soapfloats

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    Yes, thanks Dan!
    I especially appreciated the use of M/S processing for EQ - not realizing you didn't need a true M/S signal to do it.
    That tip alone may go a long way in improving my mixes.

    Any other offerings from this fellow? He's quick, clear, and informative.
  6. audiokid

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    Yup, and that fellow speaking on this tutorial is Dan himself!
  7. soapfloats

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    Well, than many more thanks, Dan!
    We're lucky to have people like yourself as a part of this community
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    Dave Aron
    Hip Hop Mixing (1) with Dave Aron - YouTube
  9. AToE

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    Wow, what an EQ, I gotta get me some of that! I love the idea of dealing with any given instrument (or group)'s eq seperately for center and sides, very neat.
  10. esmusicgroup

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    Dave Aron Waves Presets Waves | Artists | Presets Page
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    you might also wanna watch those videos

    Gearfest 2011: Mixing 1/4 Setting Up - PUREMIX
    Gearfest 2011: Mixing 2/4 Vocal - PUREMIX
    Gearfest 2011: Mixing 3/4 Bass/Reverbs/Guitar - PUREMIX
    Gearfest 2011: Mixing 4/4 Drums/Violin/MixBus - PUREMIX

    or even the ones on recordings on the website as well

    lots of good tips anyway

    good luck!
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    These tutorials are great!!!!
  13. audiokid

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    Say what?
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    Maybe I can help with a article wrote some time ago!
    The Art Of Audio Mixing – Concept, History & Some Hints! | Sound Pressure Studios
    There are some concepts and tips that everyone who mix should have on their mind...

    I think that this idea is pretty straightforward... ''Unfortunately there's no mixing equivalent of the 'knowledge' you pick up behind the bike sheds at school. You simply have to jump in (so to speak) and be prepared to get it wrong.''
  15. lteruel

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    hello, just saw this thread and watch the tutorial and kinda amaze on it.
    i make my buddy watch this and it's well appreciated and he even download it just so he can learn and study the techniques.

    thank you very much and really..well done!
  16. IIRs

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