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Tips on new speaker setup.

Discussion in 'Recording' started by CGoldsmith, Jul 26, 2011.

  1. CGoldsmith

    CGoldsmith Active Member

    Okay, let me start this off by saying I'm broke. That being said, I just bought a pair of Samson Media One 3a speakers for my home studio. I also have the Logitech X-220. So the thing about the Samsons is they lack a bunch in the low end as expected. But the problem with the Logitechs was they were lacking in the mids, which is definitely the Samsons strong suit. I hooked them up together and stacked the two Logitech tweeters on top of the two Samsons with the Logitech sub on the floor and played the music through both of them at the same time. This sounded great to me and seemed to have a pretty balanced mix. The question I have is, because I'm not quite adjusted to phase problems and the like, am I going to have problems with my mixes because of using both of the speakers at once. Any input and or articles I should read to learn more about this would be greatly appreciated.

  2. RemyRAD

    RemyRAD Guest

    If you have your polarities wired correctly, the only phase issues you may encounter is not having your tweeters too far to the front or too far to the rear. This can cause a certain smear to the sound. Best thing to do is to take some very successful, quite popular CD recordings and take a listen to them. That's how you want everything that you do to sound like. If that CD doesn't sound right coming to your speakers, you may have some polarities flipped. Polarity is similar to phase but differs here in that, envision this, when you hit the bass drum, and the microphone is inside the bass drum, how should your woofers be moving? With every kick of the drum, those low-frequency woofers should be pushing out towards you. If they're not pushing out towards you, they suck. And you don't want your speakers sucking even if they are lousy sucking speakers. Making choices about polarity are negated by powered monitors. Input phase can be changed but things are still dependent upon how they wired and conceptualized their speakers. But if you are powering your speakers from a power amplifier, you get to select the polarity. Not having both speakers with identical polarity will create out of phase monitoring issue. You don't want that. So in essence, your speakers can be in phase but your polarity on both speakers can still be backwards. Flipping phase doesn't necessarily actually correct the problem. It's a different can of worms with self powered monitors. Conversely, you can have speakers in phase with the wrong polarity to both. And while I love my powered KRK monitors but I also love my JBL's & Crown power amplifier. Then I get to choose the polarity. So I love my woofers punching me in the face and not pulling away from me.

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  3. CGoldsmith

    CGoldsmith Active Member

    Thanks a lot Remy. Very useful information.

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