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To hackintosh or not to hackintosh

Discussion in 'Recording' started by OpenMike, Dec 23, 2011.

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  1. OpenMike

    OpenMike Guest

    I have a small setup in my spare room comprising of an old HP workstation, MacBook and a couple of instruments including USB drum kit.

    My MacBook is on the way out and I don't have the money to replace it at the moment. I do however have access to a few gaming computer spare parts.

    I was wandering if anybody had any experience with logic on a hackintosh and if there is anything I should look out for?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. audiokid

    audiokid Staff

    What is a hackintosh?
  3. lambchop

    lambchop Active Member

    Isn't hackintosh a software operating system that emulates an Apple operating system and allows you to run apple software on a PC?

    Close! "Hackintosh.com provides links to everything you need to build your own Hackintosh and get Mac OS X 10.7 "Lion" or Mac OS X 10.6 "Snow Leopard" running on an unsupported computer -- instrutions, step-by-step "how to" guides, and tutorials -- as well as installation videos, lists of compatible computers and parts, and communities for support."
  4. Steve@Russo

    Steve@Russo Active Member

    wtf? I have no idea what hackingtosh is
  5. dvdhawk

    dvdhawk Well-Known Member

    When Apple went with Intel chips some years ago, not only did it present the opportunity to keep both platforms on a mac (OSX & Windows, using Parallels or BootCamp) - it also unleashed cross-compatibility the other way - using OSX with non-Mac hardware.

    I've thought about it, and nearly bit on one last spring - but decided to wait until some of the other spending is behind me.
  6. sachit

    sachit Active Member

    When you want to record music on a system, you want the system to be reliable. You don't want weird error messages or incompatibility issues and unstable OSes. You want a computer that will record when you arm a track, whatever the situation. It's a horrible feeling when your computer lets you down in the middle of your best take. And i don't think hackintoshes give that kind of performance. One of my friends tried it out, but it took up too much of his RAM to record anything with it. And that was Garageband, not even Logic.

    Having said that, still if a hackintosh gives that kind of reliability, everything should be fine.
  7. DrGonz

    DrGonz Active Member

    My uncle is constantly trying to get me to go Mac, and I have nothing against it except the $$$ of hardware. So, he is trying to get me to set up a hackintosh snow leopard w/ Logic Pro. I like the idea of it but have not been recording as much these days, so I have been spending money on my other hobby. >>> Fixing guitar/bass amps and guitars. My idea is to have two system drives and be able to boot windows or the hackintosh. I like the idea of it so we'll see.
  8. thatjeffguy

    thatjeffguy Active Member

    You're begging for nothing but trouble, in my opinion, to say nothing of violating the Apple Terms of Use agreement which specifies that their OS software if for use only on Apple branded hardware. Bottom line is, you get what you pay for and obviously are unaware of the quality and innovation that sets Apple products apart from their competitors. Too bad, you're really missing out on a wonderful world where quality has not been sacrificed to enhance the bottom line.

  9. TheJackAttack

    TheJackAttack Distinguished Member

    As cheap as a 2011 Mac Mini w/Lion is right now that is going to be the way to go rather than an illegal (and settled in Federal court) Hackintosh variant.
  10. Davedog

    Davedog Distinguished Member

    Why would ANYONE want to run a windows program if you have a perfectly good Mac OS?
  11. audiokid

    audiokid Staff

    Seems kind of odd at times to me too but Samplitude/Sequoia and Sonar to name a few require Windows. Samplitude will be releasing an Apple OS in 2012. Many people use OS bridges for different software.
  12. TheJackAttack

    TheJackAttack Distinguished Member


    I guess I just haven't drank from the Apple kool aid yet. Windows has been every bit as stable for me as you have experienced your Mac to be. I'm sure we have the same experience when we use the others platform-we get generally pissed off. (y)

    I was considering a Mac Mini Lion Server after a recent thread but am leaning back to a PCAudioLabs Rok Box. Oh well, at least we can agree on Shhhhcotch and fishing with C4!
  13. Davedog

    Davedog Distinguished Member

    Large Rainbows dont care which OS you're using!!! And I have no problem at all using my nice set of cut Dalmore glasses for any sort of Single-Malt.

    The general discussion on this OS question will be ongoing until the end. Its too bad that Linux and that single-bit technology didnt garner more interest. Although "it aint over till its over"....(Mr. Berra)

    Purpose-built systems of any sort are always going to do the job! In a perfect world we would have both in the rack as a business model. I know this is something that I will be adding sometime. I do have gnomes who build really fast burly machinery of the PC sort and will get one built for me. I want to run Sequoia and the new version of Cubase just to have the cross-platform to offer clients.

    It only makes sense as a business model and when you are a project room like me, having a choice for the home enthusiasts to put some polish and lipstick on their 'hits' makes a lot of sense.

    Of course then I'll have to learn something else......sigh......

    At least Scotch doesnt get in the way of learning.............
  14. audiokid

    audiokid Staff

    Now your talking dog!

    But on the Scotch side of things. I have a buddy that knows so much about Scotch I'm so damn confused when we're drinking it! He studies it all and quiz's me. We do these blind tests like mic comparisons. Its hilarious seeing his passion on it all like pro audio is to us. I just want to drink it lol. MP3 Scotch vs high definition 18 year old smoke. Yup, there is a difference. Smoky Laphroaig irritates the ladies and Highland Park is tolerable to them. I love it all.

  15. Mo Facta

    Mo Facta Active Member

    Funny this thread came up because I attempted to build and install a Hackintosh yesterday.

    It was not as easy as the tutorial claimed but I finally got Mac OS installed on my machine and it worked fine until I plugged in all my hardware. It then kernel panicked and would not boot thereafter. I am going to attempt it again next week once the year starts because my goal is to have a dual boot machine with Windows 7 on one hard drive and Mac OS X on the another.

    Just make sure you've got compatible hardware, especially with things like your graphics card.

    Here is a good list of things to consider:
    • Use Intel only, AMD is not supported
    • Purchase and use a genuine OS X Snow Leopard Retail Installation DVD
    • iBoot + MultiBeast is known to work with the P55, X58, P35, and H55 chipsets and most "Core 2"-compatible boards
    • "Intel HD Graphics" by itself is currently unsupported, you'll need a discrete card
    • Use an SATA optical drive and hard drive
    • If using a Gigabyte board, use Port 0 and 1 of the Blue Intel SATA ports
    • If using a hard drive >1TB, limit your system partition to 1TB
    • Remove any hard drives besides the blank drive being used for OS X
    • Limit yourself to 4GB of physical RAM during the installation process
    • Use only 1 graphics card in the 1st PCIe slot with 1 monitor plugged in
    • Remove any PCI cards besides graphics—they may not be Mac compatible
    • Remove any USB peripherals besides keyboard and mouse
    • Update your motherboard's BIOS to the latest version available in the DSDT Database
    • Set BIOS to Optimized Defaults, then set SATA to AHCI mode and HPET to 64-bit
    • Set Boot Priority to boot from the optical drive, then hard drive
    • MultiBeast should be run from the boot drive. Copy to Applications folder or Desktop
    More info here: Troubleshooting - tonymacx86 Wiki
    Cheers :)
  16. audiokid

    audiokid Staff

    Are we promoting illegal activity here or is this legit?
  17. thatjeffguy

    thatjeffguy Active Member

    Step 2:
    "Purchase and use a genuine OS X Snow Leopard Retail Installation DVD"
    Is a violation of Apple's End User License Agreement. They just won a lawsuit in federal court regarding this very thing.

  18. audiokid

    audiokid Staff

    Locking down this thread seems appropriate then.
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