To reverberate or not to reverberate

Discussion in 'Tracking / Mixing / Editing' started by antoniosolo, Sep 9, 2008.

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    A question for those who record daily or semi daily. As part of my front end I want to place either an Eventide h3500 or Lexicon PCM80. I use a pair of Ward Beck m460's, an LA4 and want to spice up as I go in or rerecord through something to excite my material. Should I, should I use something else or ???? I appreciate your help in this matter.[/list]
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    Hey boss, does that Furman come with pull out rackights and a digital readout?
  3. antoniosolo

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    Well I hope you can see the irate dude you are bound to piss off, with an attitude like that, creeping up behind you.
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    Are you thinking about recording with reverb? In other words printing it to tape as it were? I guess it depends on how/what you are recording.

    Personally unless I'm recording a 1 take live performance type of thing, I wouldn't record with reverb. It would leave me with less options when mixing. For example I record a guitar with a nice room verb but while recording the rest of the song (overdubs and whatnot) that reverbery guitar now just doesn't fit into the song. If I had recorded it without the verb, I could add whatever reverb/effect on it I want during the mix. If it already had some reverb on it, I wouldn't have as many mixing options.

    I think that if you are looking for a little something extra in your recorded tracks, you are better off trying different combinations of microphones and pre-amps. Recording effects isn't something I think many people do...unless the project specifically calls for it or it's something very suttle.

    That's what I think at least.
  6. tifftunes

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    +1 :cool:

    You can run your tracks through a reverb for your headphone mix, however, if that will add "excitement" for you... Just don't "print" it going in.
  7. Link555

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    I think it really depends on your overall vision for the song. If you can see the whole thing and how it fits together then commiting to a verb on the way in will work just fine. However if you are unsure at all, why commit to it and just have redo it later?
  8. antoniosolo

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    I have known for years the addage that I should'nt print. I am hearing alot about rerecording so to add some power to a mix or keyboard or guitar track, I wanted to send something through this unit to enhance/excite it instead of relying on multiple software instances and cpu load. I appreciate all of your thoughts and am convinced now that it is a good purchase. Now if you can just tell me at which link in the chain you know is best, as an insert or right before the interface?????? Thanks again for all of your knowledge and wisdom.
  9. hueseph

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    Wait. did you just ask a question and then disregard all the answers given or am I missing something? Verb, delay and some modulation effects are usually best as auxiliary sends rather than inserts. If you insist on printing to tape, either use the effects loop on the guitar/keyboard amp or you will have to use an insert in your console for it to go to print.
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    I am not disregarding all of the answers given, there was a resounding "don't do it". I hear alot of lacking mixes these days as I produce and fund studio time for artists and it is due to mixing engineers who may not be venturing out but following the rules and music should'nt have rules! I think the Eventides demeanor will suit my needs perfect. It's top of the line and for rerecording/excitement should do the job, right? All the answers talk of printing but read my response and I speak of rerecording and "light" excitement printing and final mix excitement to a stereo mix track. Did I state that right?
  11. Link555

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    I agree with Hueseph on this one, however techincally if the box in question has a mix knob (IE pure output mixed with pure output) this is essentially the same thing as using a Aux. Provided of course you only sending one input to the device.
  12. Greener

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    "A question for those who record daily or semi daily."
    By semi daily do you mean half daily?
    I'm curious because I don't record _every_ day and I definitely don't record _twice_ a day...
    So if I record like 3 times a week, which would be slightly under bi-daily, can I comment?
    If I can, read on to my secondly.

    "Now if you can just tell me at which link in the chain you know is best, as an insert or right before the interface??????"
    That was 6 questions marks... Sure sign of confusion...
    It's time to relax and just look at things in simple terms.
    Try them both and use your ears, if you the artist can't tell the difference how will a consumer?

    I'll leave you with some of my favorite Pratchett quotes.

    - "Multiple exclamation marks," he went on, shaking his head, "are a sure sign of a diseased mind." -
    (Terry Pratchett, Eric)

    - "Five exclamation marks, the sure sign of an insane mind." -
    (Terry Pratchett, Reaper Man)

    Yours were question marks... I'm sure you're fine.
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    I don't want to purchase the Eventide if all of you say "wait, there's a better piece of gear". Again, I don't use a mixer and the interface has no aux, only inserts. I am appreciative of your time and effort to help me solve this. Maybe I ask too many questions but I would be pissed if I moved and it sucked. Also, no more multiple ?'s or !'s.
  15. Link555

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    Ok I am confused now... oh wait scratch that , try always instead....

    Ok so what you trying to do? Add an affect to a signal entering the box?

    Or are you trying to add effect to the signal that is already recorded?

    Maybe a VST would should you need?

    Eventide does not suck, but again there are many options as there are tastes.
  16. antoniosolo

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    Question answered, I am buying the Eventide. I will use it judiciously.
  17. Cucco

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    Before you run out and buy the Eventide, you should look at the Bricasti!!!!!

    It is the beez-neez!!!!!

    No, really, it is.

    But seriously, why are you so bound and determined to do it this way? The reason that this "RULE" exists in recording is because enough "smart" engineers have done it the other way and found out that they wasted time, money and patience on having to go back and retake. Not "most" of the time but ALL of the time.

    Why waste your time?
  18. antoniosolo

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    They have at their disposal a multitude of channels, aux's and patchbays...but that doesn't answer the bad mixes I have been listening to over the last 3 days from over a dozen bands/artists. I would not go as far as to say that 100% of mixes are devoid of any printed effects. As I stated before, I will be judicious in the use of it. I am bound and determined because I know that printing and/or re-recording is occurring in some cases and right now "re-recording is the beez-nezz"....and I cannot afford to sink 3.5k into a unit that most likely is not a 2.8k improvement over a stalwart like the Eventide Harmonizer!
  19. Greener

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    Isn't post-processing not like the coolest thing ever?
  20. pr0gr4m

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    Eventides are great and I think you'll be happy with that purchase regardless of how you use it. For me, as far as reverb is concerned I'm a Lexicon fan. I guess I just heard too much of them in my younger years and they are what I'm used to and prefer.

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