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Discussion in 'Pro Audio Equipment' started by TonioRuiz, Apr 2, 2008.

  1. TonioRuiz

    TonioRuiz Guest

    Have anyone tried the TOFT ATB series consoles???

    any word on that??
  2. Sheehan-J

    Sheehan-J Guest

    I'm curious too... bump! :)
  3. Link555

    Link555 Well-Known Member

    There was article in MIX that kinda compared it to the Trident Series 80B. If I recall correctly, the eq was very simular, but the pre in the ATB had a slightly hyped mid range section.
  4. TonioRuiz

    TonioRuiz Guest

    yup, I've read about it, well, there are like 70k US in price difference, and I can live with that little thing with the mids... specially when I don't have 80k to get a Trident or a used SSL

    Hopefully I'll be ordering my ATB32 very soon, so, then I'd tell you guys how it is....

    I'm going to be so happy with it, I'm sure

    keep posted!!!
  5. Markd102

    Markd102 Well-Known Member

    It's a long read........ enjoy

  6. Jonesey

    Jonesey Active Member

    Hopefully they have the quality control issues solved. I replaced one bus fader and 3 channel faders, and one complete channel board on my toft atb16 so far. They have updated the faders on the newer models.

    The board sounds good but :x
  7. TonioRuiz

    TonioRuiz Guest

    but what but what???? :shock:
  8. Sheehan-J

    Sheehan-J Guest

    If you haven't already, you should take a look at the toft audio page and listen to the samples.

  9. TonioRuiz

    TonioRuiz Guest

    yes I have, I see it everyday, I still don't get your "sounds good BUT"

    that worries me, please elaborate your "but"

    hahaha that sounds funny lol
  10. moonbaby

    moonbaby Mmmmmm Well-Known Member

    "But" this...they are cheap crap under the hood. I, for one, posted this issue here a while back regarding my unfortunate experiences with an ATC-2 I bought last year. "Little things" like switches crapping out, meters going bad, etc. The internal build quality of the box was a hair bit better than one of the newer JoeMeek models, but not by much. Made in China by an outside contractor should be the first clue. That, and the fact that Toft has ALWAYS had power supply problems with his products, going back to the original Trident days. Look inside a Toft, then look inside a Midas Verona. BIG friggin' difference. Earlier this year some "pro" on this forum rated the Toft high marks over the Midas simply due to the fact that the patching was more convenient on the Toft. What good is that if the friggin' thing keeps breaking down? Or worse, generates alien noises under the slightest power fluctuations? There was just too much hype over Malcolm's products coming back to market to be true. You get what you pays for in this here world. Save your pennies for something more tried and true...
  11. Jonesey

    Jonesey Active Member

    But ---- Everytime I turn it on and do a session I keep my fingers crossed that something else doesn't break. It's not even a year old and I had this many troubles?? I'm hoping the worst is behind me, because I really like the console.

  12. TonioRuiz

    TonioRuiz Guest

    oh my god!!!!!!! what should I do dammit!!!!

    thanx for sharing your experiences

  13. Link555

    Link555 Well-Known Member

    Same thing for Oram's stuff. I opened up the 4T channel strip. What a freakin’ nightmare! it looked like a prototype, I mean those really bad point to point wiring jobs that you do at three in the morning because you just have to try the idea out. It was a mess, and this was there production unit!

    I would hate to work in his production plant.

    Although I must contest a bit with the negative China vibe. I have to say I would have agreed with you 2 years ago. A lot has happened in two years though.

    For example 2 years ago I bought switching transformers from Coilcraft for a project. Coilcraft had them mass produced in Mexico and China. 2 years ago they both looked the same, hand done and with the same haste. Basically not pretty but they worked ok.

    Well last year I ordered the same product again. The Mexican made ones looked the same, the Chinese version was a bit different. Ok a whole lot different, they were freaking beautiful!

    Apparently the Chinese plant had upgrade their assembly to process to a fully automated system. The tolerances where 10 times tighter, that equaled more consistency in my product.

    My point is China has made major steps in quality department.

    Anyway something to think about
  14. Sheehan-J

    Sheehan-J Guest

    I read that long review thread on the womb forums and it looks like PMI really takes care of the people who buy their Toft Audio consoles. I'm thinking if you buy from a reputable dealer or straight from PMI, they'll work with you to repair problems and replace parts that go bad. Everyone has their own experience with new products, so as it gets older, it'll improve and it sounds like it has improved from the first few consoles sold. I wouldn't be too concerned with it, but I'd sure want to try it out at my own studio first and check out its tolerance of 'dirty' power, as well as the sound quality. Many many people are very pleased with the consoles and their customer service from what I read, so I wouldn't be too worried about taking the plunge.
  15. TonioRuiz

    TonioRuiz Guest

    yes, I think so too, thanks for the encouragement and positive point of view

    the thing is that I'm kinda stuck here cause I don't live in the US and eventhough I'm buying the mixer from sweetwater or something, here in Mexico is not like in the US, that you can take back anything you buy if it doesn't satisfy you at all, so If I get it, it'll cost me about 40% more money than the US price just to get it here, and return it is out of the question

    that's my concern

    so it better work fine dammit!!!!


    by the way, what is a PMI??? I read the womb forum aswell but I didn't get the PMI thing...

    thank U
  16. Sheehan-J

    Sheehan-J Guest

    PMI Audio Group is the company that owns and operates Toft Audio, JoeMeek, Studio Projects and Valley People as of like 2006:


    I know what you're saying about the returns thing. If it's at all possible, try and find someone who has one, or a pro audio shop somewhere that carries it. A very permanent $6.5k investment would be worth a plane ticket to make sure it's the right choice, IMO.
  17. TonioRuiz

    TonioRuiz Guest

    that's a fine idea!!!!

    I'll search for some one who is using it

    Thank you so much
  18. TonioRuiz

    TonioRuiz Guest

    hello you guys

    well I've got the ATB32, it's really beautiful looking, so damn heavy, sounds really good, it does have a couple of quality details, kinda "minor" but it shouldn't happen, 2 fader pots are not working properly, PMI sent me replaces for those already, they do take care of things, I appreciate that

    I haven't tried it fully cause I had to earthground my electrical wiring and I'm having a furniture housing built for it...

    anyway, I'm really happy with the mixer
  19. Sheehan-J

    Sheehan-J Guest

    That's awesome, Congrats!

    I'm still saving my pennies for the ATB16 or 24. Depends on how much patience I have. ;-)

    Let us (me) know how it sounds and if you can, post links to some samples!

    Good luck with it.
  20. Tom Fodor

    Tom Fodor Active Member

    TL audio

    Maybe the TL audio consoles could be worth a look. I have heard good things about them and they are not too expensive.

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