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Tony Arnold?...

Discussion in 'Pro Audio Equipment' started by miketholen, Apr 29, 2002.

  1. miketholen

    miketholen Guest

    who knows how to get a hold of Tony Arnold?
  2. wiggy

    wiggy Guest

    Me too mike....

    I am a mjor neve slut as my name infers but i get the feeling i am missing out on all this great helios action?... besides my ampex needs some love and parts and he seems toi be DA man for them.

    The helios repro's he does have had a great review on recordproduction.com with George Shillington. There are also another crew making helios rippoffs too... i fear we may soon face a trident(oram) VS joe meek/MTA type war, but they are also more expensive than Tony's as well. So who knows..

    tyhe only people i know that ahve any real idea about helios gear are the dudes @ vintage king they seem to get major woodies when u mentioned the H word around them... are they really that special Mike?

    let us know pls

  3. Try this: http://www.ampex.co.uk/ :tu: :w:
  4. miketholen

    miketholen Guest

    well, just as your a neve slut Iam a Helios/Telefunken slut.
    I have a few neve modules(1099) and I find myself using them as (alternatives) to using the Helios or Tele's.
    the Neves get used on toms alot, as the rest of the kit gets Helios-Tele treatment.
    I like the Helios' midrange A-L-O-T!!!!!
    it's better for GTRs than my 1099's.
    I've got a 16x4 console and I wouldn't trade it for a Neve-BCManything-

    Itried that ampex link and I've called a few numbers and the voice on the other line says "He doesn't live here anymore." ^#$%!!!!!
    I'm trying to get the number to "Courthouse" studios right now.
  5. He lives in France now. Follow that ampex-link and the new number should be there.
  6. Doesn't work, I'll give you the number tomorrow
  7. miketholen

    miketholen Guest

    please do!
    I have a shitload of work for him.
  8. MadMoose

    MadMoose Active Member

    Mike, have you tried helios-audio.com yet?

    Also, check your private messages. I just sent you something.
  9. Mike!

    Here is Tonys number in France:
    = 33 (0) 238 974 631 Fax = 33 (0) 238 974 792

    Say hello from ampex-john in NY who has called him about Helios-consoles many times this year.

  10. miketholen

    miketholen Guest

    thank you so much!!!!! :D :w:

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