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total newbie question

Discussion in 'Recording' started by ILOVESOUND, Jan 30, 2007.



    I'm buying an API A2D. My producer has: http://www.m-audio.com going into his imac running logic.

    How do I hook the A2D up to bypass the maudio converters and pres and clock things to the A2D?


  2. Boswell

    Boswell Moderator Distinguished Member

    Use a coax lead with phono (RCA) connectors from the A2D S/PDIF out to the RCA input on the FireWire1814 breakout cable. Select S/PDIF in the 1814 software control panel. This will work up to 96KHz sampling rate on the A2D.


    Thanks much. And this will take care of the clock too?
  4. Boswell

    Boswell Moderator Distinguished Member

    Yes, S/PDIF is a self-clocking bitstream.


    O.k. now what?

    At the risk of completely embarrasing myself...I need some help with the very very basics.

    So the API A2D arrived today. Never having hooked up a piece of outboard gear in my life I need some tips. Only used stock 001.

    I connected API to 001 via spdif. I ran my mic into the XLR in. Ran the XLR out to channel 5 in the 001 but needed an XLR to TRS converter. I'm getting a signal but it's really hot. I turned down the channel 5 input in PT all the way down and the gain is still down on the API and the level is still really hot.

    What am I doing wrong? There's also a TRS "line" input in the front of the API. What's that for? I tried that going to the 001 "in" at first instead of the XLR but didn't get a signal.

    Also, how do I know if I'm bypassing the 001 converters and clocking to the API?

    Thanks for stooping.

  6. Boswell

    Boswell Moderator Distinguished Member

    I'm not sure I understand what you're connecting to what. Up to now you have been talking about wiring an A2D to a FireWire1814. Where does the 001 come in?

    In any case, if you made the S/PDIF connection, why did you need to wire the analog out of the A2D to a line in on the 001?

    The line inputs on the A2D are what they say they are - inputs. You don't get a signal out of them.

    Connect your mic to an A2D XLR input. Wire the A2D S/PDIF output to the S/PDIF input on the 001 or the 1814. Select S/PDIF input on the 1814 control panel or in PT for the 001. Use the gain pot on the front of the A2D to set the signal level for the whole chain. There is no other meaningful adjustment.



    Thanks for lending a hand. I should've explained. I have a 001 but my more immediate need is with a friend's studio who has the maudio.

    I hooked things up as you said and in the I/O set up created a stereo and mono sub paths in PT for spdif. Selected spdif as my input in my track and still no signal.
    What am I missing?

    Thanks ~
  8. Boswell

    Boswell Moderator Distinguished Member

    Edited from the PT LE manual:

    To configure Pro Tools LE for a digital source:
    1 Connect an RCA S/PDIF device to the RCA connectors on the back of the Digi 001 I/O Box.
    2 Choose Setups > Hardware Setup.
    3 From the Clock Source pop-up menu, select S/PDIF (RCA)
    4 Select Other since you are not using a Tascam DA-30.
    5 Your digital input device must be connected and powered on for Pro Tools to synchronize to it. If your input device is not powered on, leave the Clock Source set to Internal.

    Try it out at no higher than 44.1 or 48KHz.


    I did try that before but I'll try again. It's at my friend's place right now. We had the same problem with logic and the maudio.

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