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Discussion in 'Showcase Your Work' started by zydeceltico, Feb 22, 2016.

  1. zydeceltico

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    Hi All -

    I've got a new one to share. This week's songwriting club phrase/word was 'toxic." Another last minute "a-ha" and my wife having me on a "juicing reboot" were the inspiration. Hope you dig it! Thanks for listening.



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  2. Sean G

    Sean G Well-Known Member


    - No Britany Spears' cover by the same name zydeceltico...? ;)
  3. Sean G

    Sean G Well-Known Member

    I think this version has the bass driving it...if it was me I'd have the acoustic guitar, followed by the piano track driving this.

    Don't get me wrong, its a solid bass track, but it seems a little too dominant in the mix IMO.

    So, FWIW I think the bass is a little hot, it focuses the listener towards it too much....pull it back into the mix and get those acoustic and piano tracks shimmering upfront and driving the song, with a nice bass track riding below like its on rails.

    I know we talked about you having Nectar suite for pitch correction with your last post, have you used it on this vocal track ?

    Someting that Iv'e used recently and was discussed in Donnys' post on parallel compression, is how I use parallel compression on a duplicate vocal track with a fast attack setting, also add some mild EQ on the duplicate vocal track at the bottom and top ends, then blend this back into the vocal bus. It really can make the vocal sit futher in front and helps round out thin sounding vocals, giving them an overall fuller sound.

    You can experiment with different compressors, Iv'e used plug-ins modelled on both older style 670s' and also more modern, faster FET style compressors.
    You can have multiple parallel vocal tracks with different comps and mute them alternately until you find the one that sounds best.

    Another thing I like experimenting with, is say duplicating the guitar and piano tracks, then running them alternatively, say, guitar panned 70 L and on the duplicate track panned 30 R, same with the piano tracks, one panned 70 R and the other 30 L.
    It helps add a little width to the track and helps seperate the two tracks a little.

    You can experiment with a little delay or even some reverb on the alternate tracks for both.
    Most modern delay plug-ins have delay compensation to accomodate for this.

    Experiment to taste....YMMV.

    But, this is only subjective to how I'm hearing it...we all have different likes and tastes so its all subjective to the listener. ;)

    Apart from that, not a bad little number at all. :)

  4. zydeceltico

    zydeceltico Active Member

    LOL - I know right? I think the Club might've suspected
  5. zydeceltico

    zydeceltico Active Member

    Sean - awesome info. I have much to say and reply too but it'll be later. Thanks for all of the super invaluable info!!!!

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