Troubles with mastering EQ?

Discussion in 'Mastering' started by keano, Sep 28, 2007.

  1. keano

    keano Guest

    I listen to my mixes and have a good setup on my DAW. Mic and Pre etc. when song is exported out, it dosn't have sheen my friend gets with same set up. I have more mud and less clarity.

    Can someone give me some basic ground rules (I know they don't always apply) such as should I use a low shelf. Boost in high end 12khz area etc?

    As far as individual tracks go while mixing. It best to boost his and lows on drums and pull mids down?

    On bass use low shelf pump up low mids?

  2. zemlin

    zemlin Well-Known Member

    You should have your friend help you. Hands on, one on one, listening to the changes is a great way to work.

    Also, master EQ might not be the right place to fix the problem(s).
  3. Massive Mastering

    Massive Mastering Well-Known Member

    You use your ears and do what they tell you to do.

    And agreed -- If these are *your* mixes, then (A) You should be fixing these things *AT THE SOURCE* or at the very latest (B) during the mix.

    The mastering phase is NOT the time to "un-muddy" a mix. Especially if it's your own mix. It's about as good as trying to fix a broken leg with Robitussin.

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