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Trying to get pro tools to sync with sequencer in triton

Discussion in 'Pro Tools' started by rocker73, Dec 7, 2005.

  1. rocker73

    rocker73 Active Member

    I have written the drum program and keyboard parts using my Alesis SR16 and the Sequencer in my Triton LE. The Alesis is the Master clock while the Tritons clock is external so I have no problem with the drum/keyboard parts being totally in sync.

    I am now trying to record these parts into pro tools however when I do by the end of the track I find that the track finishes two beats early of my end of song marker. i.e. the track should finish at the begining of bar 87 where my marker is but the audio from the drum machine/Triton stops at bar 86 beat 2. It is also out of sync earleir in the track.

    I have tried using the Midi beat clock and have also tried setting pro tools to use the generic MTC reader but still with the same result. I know 2 beats out really isnt a major problem as the SR16 and synth parts are perfectly in sync as I play them into pro tools and I can play the guitar parts/bass and everything else in to them.

    Can anyone suggest anything?
  2. make pro tools the master. i had probelms with ym roland fantom x8 also. you need to make pro tools themaster. it hates following orders
    try that it should work

    :lol: :p
  3. rocker73

    rocker73 Active Member

    Getting pro tools to sync with my Triton

    Ta for your help eightsonstudio,

    That sounds like common sense, I will have to nip out and buy another Midi cable to go from my Digi 002 midi out port to the Midi in on my SR16 drum M/C.

    Currently the SR16 is cable Midi Out to the Tritons Midi in and then Triton Midi out to Digi 002 racks midi in with the SR16 set as the master clock and the triton set to External Clock.

    Once I have my Midi cable I will set the SR16 to external clock and hopefully everthing should be spot on.

    Many thanks for your advice cheers!

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