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Tweaking Cubase parameters via MIDI, need help

Discussion in 'Cubase' started by Dotdotdot, Mar 1, 2010.

  1. Dotdotdot

    Dotdotdot Guest

    I've been using Cubase for some time to record myself at home.
    Now I'm considering doing a live performance with my vocal mic and guitar plugged via E-MU into my laptop with Cubase running.
    I know I'm going to need a footswitch and a pedal to control my vocal and guitar plugin effects, so I've been looking into ways I can control Cubase parameters with MIDI devices.
    So far, I kind of got my feet wet with the Generic Remote thing using my MIDI keyboard, but there's at least a couple of crucial things I cannot seem to go around.

    First, is it possible to assign SEVERAL Cubase parameters to a SINGLE physical control?

    For example, can I turn on/off several effects in a channel insert strip with just one single button on my midi keyboard/footswitch? Or drive several faders in Cubase mixer with one single physical fader?

    Second, is it somehow possible to switch between effect presets using a midi device (keyboard, footswitch)? Or call up a particular preset in a particular effect?
    For example, let's say I've got an AmpegSVX plugin as an insert on my guitar track. How do I switch between its presets or call up a particular one with a footswitch button?

    As I've said, I've been fiddling with Generic Remote to these ends, but I'm still not there.
    Is Cubase at all up to such tasks? Or is there some better software for going live you can suggest?
    Please help or forward me to some previous relevant discussion, if any.
  2. hueseph

    hueseph Well-Known Member

    Effects are changed using control numbers. Each effect is uh controlled by a different control number afaik. If you send each channel to a single sub group, you can control them with a single fader. Of course there is always automation. Check the manual.

    AmpegSVX is a Bass amp emulator. Something is telling me you happened upon all this by torrent.

    The best way to get functionality out of your software hardware is to READ THE MANUAL. It's all there man. WE ALL HAD TO DO IT. Don't expect to be spoonfed. Especially if you downloaded cracks.
  3. Dotdotdot

    Dotdotdot Guest

    Oh yeah? Well, you'd better quit listening to that Something, pal, cause it lies.
    Thanx Mom, I do read manuals. I'm asking here cause I couldn't find it in the manual. As simple as that. And I appreciate people taking their time to share some RELEVANT EXPERIENCE, if they have any. That's what forums are about, aren't they?
    None of what you said answers my particular questions.
  4. hueseph

    hueseph Well-Known Member

    No need to get nasty. I'd dare to say 60% or more come here asking how to work their cracked software. And I absolutely did give you some answers. With a quick reference to the manual you should be able to access what control numbers do what. You might be able to map certain functions to a midi controller but again that is all dependent on your particular hardware. You've got to give a little if you want to get something in return. You've given no information.

    You said Cubase. Yes? Which version? SX? VST 5.1? Cubase 4? Cubase 5? AI? Studio?

    You said keyboard or footswitch. Which one? There are numerous brands out there. If you look at the manual, you might find that there is a template. If the keyboard functions as a controller(as in knobs and faders) then, there is most likely a template for all the things you are looking for.

    I'm still a little surprised that you would use a bass amp emulator on a guitar track. You meant to do that?
  5. thatjeffguy

    thatjeffguy Active Member

    Why not visit the Cubase.net forums to ask this question?

  6. hueseph

    hueseph Well-Known Member

    Of course that would require the serial number from your software. A perfectly sane suggestion.

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