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Two vocalists / One live room

Discussion in 'Vocals' started by cfaalm, Dec 4, 2007.

  1. cfaalm

    cfaalm Active Member

    How can I record two singers in one take in the same room with minimum spill?

    I was thinking of two cardioids @ 180º with 2m separation. I wonder though, with reflections and all what the spill will be.

    Any improvements to be made on this?

    We have only one live room, no separate vocal booth. Only solid baffles, no windows.

    A jazz band asked me if they can do the vocal parts this way. It is easier for them to get the timing right. I understand their point, but I wonder how to realize that in a good manner.
  2. BobRogers

    BobRogers Well-Known Member

    If it was me I'd just live with spill. Yes you can minimize it with position and by choosing mics that sound good when used close. But you just need to explain that you won't be time shift individual voices, so they will need to be tight. If they are, the spill won't hurt.
  3. protostars

    protostars Guest

    if studio time is not an issue, record a live scratch track and then go back and do the Isolated versions. this will let them catch the original live feel, and then allow you to get a good "no bleed" recording.
  4. cfaalm

    cfaalm Active Member

    Thanx Bob and proto.

    There will be no time shifting these voices. The whole purpose of recording it this way is tightness.

    So I guess we'll have to see what the spill is and maybe try protostarts nice suggestion if we have the time.

    Time is limited, also because one of the vocalists is going to be there all day playing guitar too. I'm preparing for as smooth a day as possible so he won't be exhausted before doing his vocal parts.

    Would any of you expect any phase problems with the way I had it in mind? I don't, but maybe I'm dumb :oops:
  5. BobRogers

    BobRogers Well-Known Member

    Unless there is a lot more spill than I'd expect, I'd think the phase problems would be minimal. However, if you feel there are problems after the first takes you might try to use two mics as a coincident stereo pair of some sort and record them like a choir. The song, the room, and the mics would have to be right and the vocalists would have to be comfortable with the setup. But at least it is a reasonable alternative. If they are used to unamplified singing it might be a very natural setup for them and induce a good performance.
  6. cfaalm

    cfaalm Active Member

    It sounds like a good alternative. Uhm wait, I can't say that right now... :roll: Yeah, they are comfortable with unamplified singing. I guess with this added we can do it anyway it goes. Thank you, Bob.

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