Uad card and pluggins Vs Software pluggins

Discussion in 'Tracking / Mixing / Editing' started by rocker73, May 1, 2012.

  1. rocker73

    rocker73 Active Member

    I have seen a UAD-2 Solo Pcie DSP card for £339 that comes with:

    LA-2A Classic Audio Leveler, 1176LN Classic Limiting Amplifier, 1176SE Limiting Amplifier, Pultec EQP-1A EQ and RealVerb Pro Room Modeler, plus a $50 Plug-In Voucher redeemable from UA’s Online Store

    I use just my pro tools v6.9 basic plugins, a T-Racks EQ that came bundled and Pod Farm 2 that I bought just after buying my Pod XT live.

    My question is this am i better to invest in the T-Racks 3 deluxe package that i have seen for £149 or buy the Focusrite pluggin suite at £49 pounds for now to give me some much needed better plug-insthen save my money and buy the UAD card and
    then buy more plug-inswhen i need or can afford them.

    Do you need to buy the plug-insfrom Universal audio or would the DSP card run any pluggin instead of my CPU running them?

    Any help much appreciated
  2. hueseph

    hueseph Well-Known Member

    UAD cards only run UAD plugins. It's part of their anti piracy system. If you do some searching, there are some very good free plugins out there. Check these guys out: Variety of Sound. Honestly some really great plugins. Well worth paying for to be totally honest but fortunately for you and me, they are free. VST only mind you. I have a UAD-2 and while I love it and their plugins, there are many potential compatibility issues with hardware. Pro Tools will NOT play nice with the UAD. Not the older ones and not with the newer ones. I've never been able to get mine working with Pro Tools properly. Any other DAW and it works great. I love it.
  3. rocker73

    rocker73 Active Member

    Running Uad cards / software plug-inswith pro tools

    Thanks for the info, i am currently running Pro Tools 6.9 and its ok apart from the latency issues with the Driver, once it starts throwing errors up about buffer
    sizes and interupts you when recording or you start getting sound drop when playing your instrument through an Aux channel!

    I believe they fixed all this in Pro Tools 9 and the price for that new version was coming down nicely till they released version 10 not 12 months later!

    Has anyone got a UAD card running smoothly with Pro Tools 10?

    I really want to upgrade my Pro Tools to Version 10 but its a toss up between buying that and an Octopre MKii Dynamic to add 8 more Mic Pre's as am constantly patching cables.

    UAD cards not worth the hassle if you dont want to change your DAW software from Pro Tools then.
  4. rocker73

    rocker73 Active Member

    Will the Variety of sound VST plug-insrun if i buy a VST to RTAS converter.

    FXpansion - VST to RTAS Adapter v2.0

    I am pressuming it will but its £65 so might be better spending the money on say the Focurite Forte Suite plug-insfor only £49.99

    Focusrite Forte Suite | DV247

    Has anyone used any of the plug-insin this Focuswrite suite?
  5. hueseph

    hueseph Well-Known Member

    I'm running Pro Tools 9 with a UAD-2 solo. Can't run even one plugin without DAE errors.
  6. rocker73

    rocker73 Active Member

    Running Uad cards with Pro Tools

    Thats seriously rubbish that your having DAE issues and cant run your plugins! Have you been in touch with Avid about this to see if there is
    some fix?

    What are the other options out there if i want a DSP card?

    Or should i just investin building a better more powerfull PC wihich will only run music software and nothing else?
  7. hueseph

    hueseph Well-Known Member

    With Pro Tools it's either HDX or nothing at this point. I'm sure they are well aware of the issue. Their taking UA as a plugin developer I think was more a matter of eliminationg the competition by keeping them close. If you've seen the 2011 NAMM presentation by Avid of their proposed Thunderbolt box and then take a look at UA's Apollo, it raises some questions.

    I think maybe UA had a head start on a technology that Avid were hoping to pioneer in.

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