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Unwanted low-level electronic interference from my recording signal path

Discussion in 'Recording' started by Grant Harris, Oct 9, 2014.

  1. Grant Harris

    Grant Harris Active Member

    Hello there,

    When I start my computer and activate my DAW I find that I have a constant low-level electronic noise coming through my monitor speakers. It begins the minute that I plug in my digital interface which is a Scarlett 18i6.

    I know that it could probably be a multitude of things but if people could offer some advice as to what some of the most likely causes might be and how I might be able to test for them so that the noise can be eliminated I would be most obliged.

    If necessary I can post a full spec of my computer if it will help.


  2. Boswell

    Boswell Moderator Distinguished Member

    I think you might want to talk to the dealer where you bought the Scarlett 18i6 about this. Without being able to hear it or see a waveform, it sounds from your description like the sort of USB breakthrough you would expect from a cheap interface but not from Focusrite, so would indicate a fault or poor quality control on your particular unit. Can you post a short soundcloud clip of it, preferably recorded on an external recorder spanning the time of USB disconnected to connected?
  3. Grant Harris

    Grant Harris Active Member

    Thank you. Your advice was all that was required for me to do some detective work. I removed the Scarlett's USB connection from my USB hub and directed it to one of my computer's USB connections on the rear of the machine and now the only unwelcome noise interference is the mild ringing in my own ears. Problem solved.

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