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Upgrading: MacBook Pro or iMac

Discussion in 'Recording' started by hxckid88, Dec 5, 2006.

  1. hxckid88

    hxckid88 Active Member

    Well, I'm pretty much tired of windows. The reason I'd use windows again is for PC games. (unless I test out Windows Vista and I like it...) I want a Mac (and I can use Bootcamp anyway), I don't really have to list the reasons why I want one. I'm posting this here obviously because I want to record with this machine. I'm actually going to expression (digital art college in emeryville) and they use nothing but macs/protools, so I figure this will be not only convenient for me, but it will be a nice change from the stressful windows.

    Anywho, I'm on macmall.com right now, and I found these two:

    Link removed


    Basically, the MacBook pro is mobile, has a firewire 800, built in iSight, and 160mhz faster(and I honestly don't really know how much of a difference that will make).

    The iMac has a bigger drive, bigger screen, is a lot cheaper, but is not mobile, no iSight (not THAT important), and no Firewire 800.

    Now the firewire concerns me. The 800 is... well, up to twice as fast, for interfaces, will that affect the latency of recording interfaces that I connect? I don't experience any delays now, and I have a PCI-firewire card installed in my PC.

    I'm just looking for some suggestions. I've heard both sides. I thought I'd ask the recording community here. And I'd like to here actual points, not (windows is teh ghey). Pros and cons, opinions and facts. Ya know. =) Thanks!
  2. gdoubleyou

    gdoubleyou Well-Known Member

    The only interface that I know of that suports FW800 is the Fireface800.

    Both machines are now Core2Duo, the imac has a lovely screen, but the MacBook is dual monitor-ready so you can add another monitor for graphic work.

    Either machine will work quite well, because of the small track count in PTLE, it probably will not stress either machine.

    It's a matter of how mobile you want to be.

  3. hxckid88

    hxckid88 Active Member

    Well thanks for the insight. I love the idea of going mobile, sometimes the laptop keypads bug the crap out of me.

    I know both will be great, fast machines, (faster than this thing I'm running. AMD 2500+ barton 1.5GB DDR 400mhz). It works for me but it's just not really what I want.

    I was thinking about just upgrading to a decent graphics card on this machine so I can play newer games, and do personal stuff, and then just use my mac for recording.

    But I dont like windows when I think about it, and I want to make the switch to mac os, and I can still run windows on it if I wanted to...

    So the iMac does not support dual screens at all? I would not buy another monitor right away, but it would come in handy later down the road.

    The Macbook pro has been the one I am favoring, the $1800 + tax price tag is just killing me.
  4. gdoubleyou

    gdoubleyou Well-Known Member

    I took a look at the specs and they do have a mini DVI out. probably the same form factor as the one on the macbook/powerbook.

    Not sure if the adapter is included or optional.

  5. jX

    jX Guest

    i'd love a macbook pro...
    but money sucks balls

    or you suck balls for money either way i don't have enough of it.

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