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upgrading my 9600/200 ??? any help :)

Discussion in 'Recording' started by jimchampagne, Feb 9, 2001.

  1. jimchampagne

    jimchampagne Guest

    upgrading my 9600/200 ??? any help :)

    with newertech out of business what should i do ??? find another Processor, spend the extra cash on a G4/466 that doesn't recognize the
    PT mix/farm cards. any that has knowledge of the 9600/200 working with a given processor and Protools Mix24 please send my an Email !!
  2. audiokid

    audiokid Chris Staff Resource Member

    Mar 20, 2000
    Prince George, BC
    Home Page:
    maskedman, I have the exact system using the G4 450 newertech on a Pro Tools mix plus + and vintage. It works great! Couldn't go back.

    Best to check with digi on this one. I've heard that Sonnet is working well.

    Maybe we will get a few more answers for you.
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  3. jimchampagne

    jimchampagne Guest

    thanks for checking in to this, it isn't necessary for me to have the latest and fastest at the moment. i could get by with a CPU upgrade and some more RAM.

    alternatively, i would get the new G4/466 or 533.

    the new configuration is:
    G4/466 OS 9.1, Protools 5.1, Atto and Glyph/Seagate.

    is there anyone running this new system ???

    please contact me your thoughts,
    any help would be greatly appreciated :)
    Jim Champagne <jimchampagne@earthlink.net> http://home.earthlink.net/~jimchampagne
    626-367-4188cell + message service
  4. Marc Wielage

    Marc Wielage Guest

    Originally posted by maskedman: alternatively, i would get the new G4/466 or 533. the new configuration is:
    G4/466 OS 9.1, Protools 5.1, Atto and Glyph/Seagate. is there anyone running this new system ???

    I was told by Digi Tech Support that the additional speed of the 450/500+ machines makes little or no difference in actual ProTools operations. Where you will see a difference is in disk-copying or archiving operations, but not in PT itself.

    If you wanna save dough, do what I did and just get a G4/400 cheap, then take the extra dough and put it into RAM -- lots of it. I've got 500 megs in mine, and it chugs along just fine, no matter what I throw at it.

    G4/400's are going for like dirt cheap these days. I think a stripped-down model goes for under $1000 these days on Ebay or in the Recycler.

    By the way, watch out for the Atto dual-monitor card. Getting those suckers to work is a real pain in the ass. I think that was the biggest hurdle for me on my system; even to this day, at first boot-up, my system hangs when it gets to the Atto extension, but then on the second try, it works just fine and stays working for days and days. Go figure. [I haven't tried any new Atto drivers in the last four months, so maybe this problem has been fixed.]

    --Marc Wielage
  5. jimchampagne

    jimchampagne Guest

    hey marc, thanks for responding.
    the only reason i was think of a G4/466 was to get into newer technology and have the four
    slots, allowing me to avoid the expansion chassis for awhile at best.

    also, some software like "Unity" use the "Dual" processor, dividing the work load between the two.
    protools 5.1/direct connect will also use your processor.

    and then there's OS X using the "lynx" colonel / kurnel :confused: as it's base.
    it probably demands more processing power ???

    this makes a new G4/733, w/dual processor and 1gig of ram almost a necessity.

    anyone that knows exactly what's going on here, please join in.

    i'm concerned with buying a new setup that's going to be useless in 6-12 months.

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