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upset with Steinberg!!!!

Discussion in 'Recording' started by challman, Oct 24, 2012.

  1. challman

    challman Active Member

    I am currently having a little battle with Steinberg.

    I have a broken license fob. I registered my products properly. I have purchased a new fob. I went though the crappy procedure of sending them the info about my fob and registration right off of their website (my steinberg). Finally I got an email telling me.... Read it under my rant!
    someone is not thinking here. I am NOT asking for a new key I am just asking them to provide me with new reg codes. They can easily dissassociate my old fob from my licenses and generate new codes.

    People make a living off of this stuff. What am I going to do saturday. I have a spare pc a spare mixing board lots of spare mics... ONly 1 copy of cubase.

    I will probably use Reaper. BUT This is not reasonable. Steinberg does not have phone support.

    Help me to put pressure on them to change their policies. Please repost this on every board you are a member of.
    Steinberg Listens alright. but to what?

    Package your USB-eLicenser key well and be sure to ship in a method that has a tracking number. Once we receive your key we will begin the process to get you a new activation code which will be emailed to you. This often takes 1-2 days but occasionally can take up to 5 business days.

    Once you have the new activation code via email you can download a new Steinberg license to your new key. Instructions for downloading the license will be included with the email containing your new activation code.

    This RMA will be kept open for 2 weeks. Please reply to this email with your tracking number when you send the package. Thank you.

    Joshua Matlock
    Steinberg Support

    Steinberg Listens

    here is my reply to that email

    You have Got to be kidding me

    what if I had told you i lost it.

    This is NOT a good way of doing things.

    You can simply disable my old license keys
    and licenser..

    I am definately going to send this BUT
    I will definately going to do my best to stop anyone I can from buying a Steinberg product
  2. hueseph

    hueseph Well-Known Member

    Sorry to hear you're having trouble with it but honestly, it doesn't seem entirely unreasonable to me. You could expedite the key and likely have the codes within a day or two. It would be nice if they could send you a temp code which they could disable after a week while you wait for your confirmation.
  3. audiokid

    audiokid Staff

    I agree. Sorry to hear your troubles but this looks pretty straight up to me.
  4. challman

    challman Active Member

    You are right I guess. I think I am the most upset about not being able to get someone by phone. You are kind for even listening. I am in a technical field, network communications, and am constantly dealing with very poor product support. This is just sort of the straw so to speak. Anyway. I will send in my fob.. or what is left of it. This is a real nightmare though. AND I am pretty discouraged about some of the same issues cubase seems to have from version to version without being correctedl

    Have a Great day. and thanks for the comment

    Temp code is a great idea.

    Still.. I am going to dip my toes into the Studio 1 pool. I have heard very nice things about it
  5. hueseph

    hueseph Well-Known Member

    Studio One 2 is nice but I haven't played much with it. I only have "Artist".

    I have to push Sonar and Samplitude, both of which are very strong contenders IMHO. I did watch the Cubase promo, that is the lead educator from Steinberg NA presented Cubase 6 last year and it looks very impressive. I think feature for feature, Sonar X2 matches it easily. I don't like the pitch correction in Sonar though and I'm not sure how I feel about the pitch correction in Cubase. I haven't heard it enough. Sonar's works but you can hear it working and I don't particularly like that. I bought Melodyne instead.

    What I do absolutely love about Sonar though is Pro Channel. Essentially it's a channel strip with configurable plugins. You don't generally have to load it unless you are adding a module. The strip is there, you just expand it and all of the options are there. You can save plugin chains and the included effects are very nice. Sonar in general has a very analog feel about it. Not to say that it "Sounds different" than other DAWs but after getting accustomed to it, I'm finding it much easier to get the effect I want.

    The one thing I wish Sonar had is Samplitudes audio cleaning abilities. Samplitude doesn't have a whole lot of plugins but the ones it does have are very nice. A very different workflow from Sonar but still very useable. I haven't done an entire project in Studio One 2 so I can't really make a comparison. I'm a bit reluctant to try but one of these days.

    I've all but abandoned Pro Stool. It's just too needy. Yes. Needy is exactly the word I mean. Like a small child that requires all of your attention for it to function properly. I don't have the time for that.
  6. audiokid

    audiokid Staff

    Hueseph, that's the best example I've heard in reference to Pro Tools. "NEEDY" Isn't that the truth.

    Re Samplitude. There is Pro X "Suite" which has everything you need but a few things like Melodyne. I can't imagine needing much more. It excels most right to the final product. I think it does that math the best.

    Glad to hear how well Sonar is working for you. I'll have to upgrade soon. I'd love to try Cubase but I don't have the time or interest to buy their dongle to test it. Bad move for Steinberg IMO.
  7. kmetal

    kmetal Kyle P. Gushue Well-Known Member

    i called i'lok around 4 pm on a fri, and had a new code by 5 when i lost my ilock and needed to put codes on the backup i bought in anticipation of my mistake. i can't complain about their tech support, the annoyance of a dongle, well, thats different. but i got to do the session, w/ the same software i wanted, w/ out going to my backup (audtition).

    i think registration issues are really messed up, and not consumer oriented, like w/ waves. my boss would have to re-buy the same 10k worth of plugins, to use at his home, and his studio i work out of. he already paid the entry fee to own the plug-insfor his primary studio, it's basically extortion to not allow owners at least multiple installs. i mean really, he paid the price of an average economy car, and there's not even a multi-cpu option!?! it's so lame.

    i tried cubase for about 10-15 hours, it's nothing more special than reaper to me. just another DAW like they all seem to be to me. at least at the stereo audio tracking/mixing front.

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