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us-1800 line out

Discussion in 'Composing / Producing / Arranging' started by FunnyFarm, Aug 6, 2012.

  1. FunnyFarm

    FunnyFarm Active Member

    If I'm not in the right area sorry...I have a tascam us-1800 and I'm trying to run a signal out into my EQ then a line back in.
    I'm certainly setting something up wrong...I use cubase le5. I'm thinking I may have my connections setup wrong. If anyone could shove me
    in the right direction it would be much appreciated.
    thanks much
  2. Boswell

    Boswell Moderator Distinguished Member

    OK, tell us how you have it set up, and we can check to see if it looks right. We need to know which sockets you are using for the connections, what type of cable, what is the EQ unit and what the settings are that you have set in Cubase.
  3. FunnyFarm

    FunnyFarm Active Member

    I'm going out of line 1 out into the eq using a 1/4" cable(its a Behringer ultra curve pro) out of eq with a 1/4to xlr into line 1 of the us-1800.It works to some degree but is awful hot. for it not to explode i pretty much need to turn gain on eq and us-1800 almost to nothing.
  4. TheJackAttack

    TheJackAttack Distinguished Member

    You should be coming back into a line input (1/4") from the Ultracurve as the signal is at line level. If you are returning to the US1800 with XLR you are hitting a mic level input with a line level signal which explains why it is too hot. If you do not have any line level inputs you will have to use a 10 or 20 dB attenuator.
  5. FunnyFarm

    FunnyFarm Active Member

    Right on thanks much. Haha makes sense now that I'm actually thinking about it.

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