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US-224 A/D converter question

Discussion in 'Pro Audio Equipment' started by fontenel, Jul 11, 2004.

  1. fontenel

    fontenel Guest

    Hi all. I bought a used US-224 for a few bucks just to give it a whirl and it seems pretty cool. It has 24 bit A/D converters (64 times oversampling), but I'm not sure of the quality (I'm guessing not very high because you can find these things for less than $130). I'm wondering if I get a decent preamp to stick in front of the US-224 if it will make much of a difference in sound quality? I'm just not too familiar with how the A/D stuff works. If you hooked a Nuemann mic up to an API preamp into the US-224 is it going to sound like a Nuemann/API, or is the US-224 totally dicate the end result? Thanks...

  2. Kurt Foster

    Kurt Foster Distinguished Member

    Good mics and pres are more important that the converters IMO .... unless the converters are very bad (and even the cheapest these days are pretty good) it takes a trained ear to hear the nuances a better converter will offer ... however the use of superior mics and PRES (I emphasize PRES) will be very evident to all but the deafest of people ...
  3. fontenel

    fontenel Guest

    I agree with that 100%, but I just wasn't sure if it was a waste of time and money hooking up a nice PRE and mic when the US-224 will just make the over all signal less than good. Does that make sense?
  4. Kurt Foster

    Kurt Foster Distinguished Member

    It makes all the sense in the world to use good mics and pres even if your converters are garbage ... Converters come and go in a system while good mics and pres can last a lifetime ..

    Even the converters in your 224 can sound better with a better digital clock. Often in DAWs the clocking comes from the program itself ... In the software you can set your preferences to use the clock generated by the host program. This can make even the least expensive converters sound more solid ...

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