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USB Audio Interface for Mac Laptop

Discussion in 'Recording' started by dx052, Mar 19, 2011.

  1. dx052

    dx052 Active Member

    Any suggestions? I only need it for one thing and that is have an input for my Turntable, nothing else.
  2. Boswell

    Boswell Moderator Distinguished Member

    What is your budget? Which Macbook dor you own? Does it have a FireWire interface?

    If your Macbook does not have FireWire, there are lots and lots of USB phono interfaces around. I've not been particularly impressed by any that I have heard, but the TerraTec iVinyl and the ART USB Phono Plus are a little better than the worst.
  3. dx052

    dx052 Active Member

    I have a MBP Laptop, OS X 10.5.8, 2.4GHZ, Intel Core 2 Duo, Memory 2GB 667 MHZ DDR2 SDRAM, which has firewire.

    Most of the stuff on the market is geared towards the use of instruments and MICs etc so I am paying for stuff which is not relevant for purpose. I am never going to use its a MIC or plug in a guitar & stuff like that, its not going to happen! Budget wise I was looking up to £100 in the secondhand market.

    I was looking at the ART USB Phono plus & the Terra Tec iVinyl funny enough! they look like are concentrating on the purpose I am using it for, the later records up to 96khz.

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