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USB upgrade in an older mac

Discussion in 'Recording' started by audiokid, May 14, 2001.

  1. audiokid

    audiokid Staff

    Has anyone ever installed a USB pci upgrade card in a mac 9600 or older mac?

    I'm looking at different digital video camcorders which of course all have USB ports. My Mac doesn't have one so I've been looking at buying a card made by sonnet.

    Any help on this would be great

  2. Opus2000

    Opus2000 Well-Known Member

    Hey audiokid...what's shaking?!!!
    On your question..I havent actually had any experience myself on a 9600 with a PCI usb card so I couldnt tell you offhand on it's performance..I have a buddy who has a 9600 and I think he put one in so give me a bit and I'll research that for you...if in the meantime someone else does know please feel free to give us some input. I'm rather busy getting myself situated here in LA(Since I just moved here from good ol Indiana!!). Thought I'd post and let ya know I'm still alive and not ignoring anyone!!
  3. mapostel

    mapostel Guest

    Hi audiokid,

    I put a USB card in a beige G3. It was totally seamless. You'll just need Apple's USB adapter card support and of course OS8.6 or higher (this one was 9.0).


  4. audiokid

    audiokid Staff

    Matthias, thanks but the link doesn't work.

  5. audiokid

    audiokid Staff

    found the link but couldn't see which one supported a 9600.

    Matthias, what card did you buy? from what company?
  6. mapostel

    mapostel Guest

    Hi Chris,

    Sorry for the link-hassle :roll:
    My assumption is that the extension works generally for all PCI PowerMacs. When I got it there was nothing specified for a G3. So you might just want to try it...
    The card I got was a totally no-name product from a local electronics-supplier, ca. US$30 .
    It has an "Opti" chip. But they don't make the cards, just the chips. Just check out your local computer/electronics suppliers.

    Good luck,

  7. audiokid

    audiokid Staff

    Here's what I've been looking at

    tango USB upgrade by-sonnettech.com
  8. mapostel

    mapostel Guest

    Yeah, that's certainly cool - together w/ FireWire. Of course a matter of cost, some alternatives: Ratoc and Orange
    Lots of choice...



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