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Using Inserts as tape sends/returns

Discussion in 'Recording' started by nicko, Jun 5, 2007.

  1. nicko

    nicko Active Member

    hi guys, just wondering if it is at all possible to use the insert points on your desk as the send for each channel to your DAW, then use the return as sort of like a tape input?

    So essentially what you send to tools is simply the signal after the preamp, and what comes back from tools runs through all the EQ and stuff.

    Thanks in advance, I hope that was clear enough.
  2. orbit

    orbit Guest

    what is the point of returning them anywhere? once you use the inserts to send the signals to your DAW, that accomplishes the goal of multi track TRACKING....does it not?

    (trying not to be asinine, simply asking since I am a noob that could have completely not realized your point)
  3. nicko

    nicko Active Member

    I want to be able to mix on the console, as well as track from it.
  4. Boswell

    Boswell Moderator Distinguished Member

    Yes, that will work with most desks and interfaces. However, you have to beware of signal level incompatibilities. Although the insert points on desks are usually +4dBu, the full-scale level can vary from +18dBu to +24dBu, so some desks could overload your DAW interface. I have also met some semi-pro desks that have insert levels at -2dBu (-4dBV), in which case you get low levels on send and the external gear can overload the desk on return.
  5. nicko

    nicko Active Member

    Thanks alot man
  6. rois

    rois Guest

    Noob question here and do apologize if I may have hijacked your thread...

    if you took a signal out trough the "insert out" section, would that cut the signal to your channel fader? So if i inserted a jack to my insert i/o section of channel one and send it to my DAW, would I still be able to get signal to my channel fader?

    Reason is, I am looking at recording/multitracking live performances and would like to use a DAW to record. Would using the insert i/o be useful? or advicable?
  7. nicko

    nicko Active Member

    you can make/buy a lead which will split the signal so that it still goes through your channel path, and still goes to your DAW

  8. Boswell

    Boswell Moderator Distinguished Member

    This is an example of a commercial lead for exactly this purpose:

    My comments to the original poster about signal levels apply.
  9. nicko

    nicko Active Member

    I like the scientific explaination on the z-sounds page "you can actually trick the stage mixer's channel insert jack into thinking it's a direct output!" hehehe

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