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Using the headphone jack on my Powerbook to mixdown

Discussion in 'Recording' started by Brusco, Apr 6, 2006.

  1. Brusco

    Brusco Guest

    I just bought a G4 Powerbook so I'm wondering.. Is there a better way to get quality mixdowns from my Powerbook than just going 1/8" headphone out to RCA left and right on my standalone Philips CD burner?
    I'd like to get the best quality for a reasonable price.

    I'm not at home to look at the Philips CD burner, it may very well have:

    1-digital in
    2- Optical,
    3- RCA-SPDIF?

    After inspecting the manual on my G4
    the Powerbook has:

    Audio line in/optical digital audio in port

    Headphone/optical digital audio out port

    PC Card slot

    USB 2.0

    Firewire 400 port

    Firewire 800 port

    S-video out port

    DVI port


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