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Using two different souncards, connected through ADAT

Discussion in 'Recording' started by javelkjell25, Jan 4, 2009.

  1. javelkjell25

    javelkjell25 Guest

    I have a question about using my Presonus Firestudio together with another soundcard f.ex: M-Audio Profire 2626.

    Can they be connected through ADAT, and will then Pro Tools recognice both soundcards, giving a total of 16 inputs?

    btw. I looked on the backside of both boxes, and they should both have ADAT, BUT the ADAT-input-connectors look slightly different from each other. Is this a problem?

    Any help is greatly appreciated :cool:
  2. Boswell

    Boswell Moderator Distinguished Member

    The answer to the question about connecting the two devices via ADAT is yes, that will work if you are careful.

    However, you imply that you already have the FireStudio and are thinking of getting another interface such as the Profire 2626. You then ask about ProTools recognizing both interfaces.

    You would need ProTools M-Powered in order for it to recognize the M-Audio Profire 2626. NO version of ProTools will recognize the Presonus interface, even if plugged directly into the computer via FireWire.

    What you can do is set up the M-Audio Profire 2626 with PT M-Powered, and then connect the FireStudio ADAT output into the Profire ADAT input. PT will see an extra 8 channels coming in via ADAT, but it will neither know nor care what device is actually connected to the ADAT input. This configuration does not stop you running the Presonus control program via FireWire to configure the FireStudio to send its outputs via ADAT (standalone mode).

    You have to set the clocking up correctly for this configuration to work. I would recommend using the FireStudio as the clock master and syncing the Profire 2626 to the incoming ADAT clock.

    All the above assumes that you are running at 44.1/48KHz sampling rates. The picture changes substantially if you are considering using higher rates. Deal with the simpler case first.
  3. javelkjell25

    javelkjell25 Guest

    Hello Boswell! Thank you for a really detailed answer! You have helped me alot.

    Your suggestion about using PT m-powered was my intention. However, I forgot that Pro Tools will not recognize a Presonus device.

    Therefore I think your setup-suggestion, using ProFire2626 as my "main" soundcard with PT m-powered, is right thing to do. But why then set the Presonus FireStudio as Master Clock? And how do I set the Presonus as Clock Master, and Profire2626 as "slave"?

    ps.This whole clock-idea is still a small mystery to me. :)
  4. Boswell

    Boswell Moderator Distinguished Member

    The Presonus Firestudio will naturally be an ADAT clock master unless you have deliberately set it otherwise. You will have to use the PT control panel to set the ProFire 2626 to clock from its ADAT inputs.

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