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V Twin pedals

Discussion in 'Recording' started by Adore, Oct 8, 2005.

  1. Adore

    Adore Guest

    What's you opinion on the V-Twin pedals ? any suggestion on other similar products ?
  2. MilesAway

    MilesAway Guest

    I was *really* not impressed with them... I tried it as a boost/distortion pedal for an existing amp (Marshall JCM800), as a preamp for my rack system (coupled /w a Peavey C60/60 poweramp) and run Direct for recording. The results were more or less the same: MUD. The pedal had everything i hate about Mesa Boogie's "Rectifier" series with non of the signature agressive roar. I returned the unit after about a week...
  3. Samsara

    Samsara Guest

    I beg to differ. I found the sound of V Twin in front of a Marshall amp/cab (Mode Four) to be quite sweet. Slightly rounder and "warmer" than Marshall itself. V Twin has different outputs with totally different characteristics....


    Sami Sarhamaa
  4. Adore

    Adore Guest

    And as far as direct recording ? Trying to find a solution to record guitar but not to use digital modelers or having to but a head and cab
  5. moonbaby

    moonbaby Mmmmmm Well-Known Member

    I have a V-Twin pedal that has been through hell and back. I basically use the amp (an old Fender, various models) for whatever clean tones that I want, and then adjust the pedal to work with that for my overdrive. The box is a monster, but you have to know how to set it. It will nail SRV blues and Santana-like sustain for me.
    It can also give you grunge and noise. I just don't use that high a gain boost or presence. It will go direct pretty nicely, too. Better than any modeler for basic TONE...
  6. Adore

    Adore Guest

    What about direct recording ? how does it work ?
  7. moonbaby

    moonbaby Mmmmmm Well-Known Member

    I have had good results with it, but I have a bit of an edge in that I have a decent recording studio with a lot of tools at my disposal. I can go into an amp and mic it up. If I do go direct, it is almost always through a processor like a Drawmer Front End One, which gives me the ability to clean up the noise (the V-Twin isn't THAT noisey, but...) and provides me with a good interface to the board.
    I would think about investing in a decent DI box (I use a Radial), preferrably passive with an output transformer...about $100.00. What you are connecting to DOES make a noticeable difference in your tonal results, and a DI can assist you in "smoothing out" those differences...PEACE!

    BROKENBONES Active Member

    i really like the v-twin pedals. they are made of solid build . i never have problems getting more crunch than i need . don't like them direct recording.
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