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v3101 update - cool it works.

Discussion in 'Vintage Analog Gear' started by drturnip, Oct 26, 2011.

  1. drturnip

    drturnip Active Member

    I bit the bullet and figured out what the pinouts were on the rear connectors of this unit and what kind of power supply it would need. It turns out that it has internal voltage regulators for b+, b-, and the metering b+ all 15 volt. I searched through my junk pile and found an old vcr. I scrapped the transformer for a center tapped unit and modified the circuit board to pump out 24v +-. I stripped out everything and cut out the front so that the v3101 could fit. I then fitted a couple pigtails for the in and out, one with a female xlr and the other with a stereo phone plug (I have a emu 1212m). The hitches I ran into were figuring out the signal path which originally output the first gain stage to probably an insert and then returned it. Also a weird transformer induced hum at high gain that led me to mounting the transformer diagonally and fashioning a shield, although I later found a bad solder joint (not mine) that has left the input cable unshielded! After solving this I was able to get it to pass signal. So far so good. The last hurdle involved the metering, which probably had its own power supply but I simply jumped the signal b+ and ground to the metering section. Not ideal I know but hey is works.

    The end result to my ears is pretty darned great. The inductor type eq is amazing. Even at 15db the 10k control never gets harsh, it just sparkles. Crank 2.5k with the parametric and it doesn't sound like nails on a chalkboard, it sounds cool. It's very quiet and very warm. Bravo to the yet unknown makers of the mystery v3101. I wish I had a bushel of em. Here are some pictures.




  2. Boswell

    Boswell Moderator Distinguished Member

    Congratulations in getting it working!

    This is a stereo channel strip, right? I couldn't tell from your description whether you wired the inputs to a pair of XLR sockets?
  3. drturnip

    drturnip Active Member

    No it is not stereo. It only has one input and 1 ouput transformer. There is a pan which is confusing. There are also about three other gain sections (opamps) and a handfull of controls that seem to be for reverb that are not being used. A couple are marked hall1 hall2 and switches referring to vr and hr, plus a rotary switch with a bunch of positions . The console must have had some kind of built in reverb.

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